What’s the point of having memorabilia locked away in a drawer, or hidden away in boxes up in the attic? Your prized possessions need to be out on display, and there’s no better way to do that than in one of our bespoke frames.
See Memorabilia

Historic war medals or more recent sporting rewards. However the medals were won and however many there are, we’ll frame them to ensure they enjoy pride of place wherever they’re displayed.


A signed pair of sports shoes. Your son or daughter’s first pair of baby booties. There are plenty of reasons to treasure footwear, and we can ensure they’re beautifully boxed and preserved.


Why keep your collection in a stuffy old album? We can make your stamps something to write home about by mounting them on windows, floating them inside UV protected glass or presenting them on conservation quality boards.


Beautiful jewellery deserves better than to be locked away in a bank vault or dressing table drawer. Get it beautifully mounted and framed for all to enjoy, or boxed so that it can be opened and worn


Tiles, plates and other ceramics are all notoriously easy to break. But a bespoke frame can put them out of harm’s way and make them look truly stunning. It’s a win-win situation.


We’ve just featured a few examples of memorabilia that we’ve framed and boxed over the years. If you’ve got a one-off piece that you want to show off, get in touch and we’ll get it framed.

Frame Selections

Choose from a vast range of high quality frames in different colours, sizes and styles, from the antique to the modern.

How to Order

Getting your frame is easy. Just head over to our Orders page and call or email us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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