The easiest way to refresh your space is to work on walls. There are a lot of possibilities to turn those empty walls into the most admirable part of the house. A few thoughtfully handpicked additions make the wall look like an excellent work of an expert interior designer. Having a gallery wall can turn the bare room into a stylish centerpiece. There are several ways you can amp up the walls of your office or house, and easily add your taste and personality. If you are a nature enthusiast, a book lover or an art collector, you can customize and adorn your walls. There are some affordable yet great ideas to style your house or office such as: 

  • Create a gallery wall 
  • Go for large-scale art 
  • Showcase fabric 
  • Incorporate an accent wall  
  • Paint a mural
  • Install shelves 
  • Hang mirrors 
  • Hang plates  
  • Add sculptural scones 
  • Bring in plants  
  • Add removable wall art 
  • Add texture with a weaving 
  • Hang an over-sized calendar 
  • Create a basket wall 
  • Add a giant chalkboard or whiteboard 
  • Mount your television 
  • Hand a personalized map
  • Add ship-lap wall paneling  
  • Mount your bikes 
  • Use decorative wall storage

Many from these office or home decorations ideas require commercial picture framing. A beautiful picture frame further ornaments the piece of art hung on the wall. You might have already started exploring online collections of commercial picture framing. Choosing a particular style of frame can be overwhelming. When you glance your eyes on hundreds of products available online, the range of display styles and frame finishes made from different materials may leave you bewildered.        

In this article, you will learn about the different types of frames you can use to display your favourite artwork on your walls.

Gallery frame

A gallery frame creates an elevated frame effect using a mat. This type of frame is similar to photography installations in museums. If you want to bring an aesthetic frame with a touch of mid-century modern design to your office or bedroom, there is no match for real hardwood gallery frames.

If you have got some prized prints and you want to decorate your office or home, you can use this style of frame and create a gallery wall using frames for different sizes featuring different pieces of artwork. If you have made your mind to fork out for commercial picture framing of this type, invest in the best quality frames as wood is prone to changes in temperature and humidity levels. It should be a premium quality frame with true to life colour and archival quality paper. You can create an impact look by using a collection of more than 3 frames together. Mix and match prints of different sizes to make the wall visually interesting. There should be a subtle and sophisticated colour scheme.

Modern Frame

Modern frame styles have thin profiles. Therefore, the photo or artwork can take center stage. Emphasise on the print to achieve a minimalist look. There are premium quality modern metal frames available for any space. You can have this frame on your gallery wall.

If you have minimalist decor themes, you can use a tailor-made modern metal frame to add a modern appeal and sophistication to your space. Make your guests wow by pairing two large frames together. You can also mix and match similar frames of different sizes. you don’t need to use metal frames that match exactly the same. A little variation looks great. 

Floating Frame

Instead of a mat, a frame of this type uses clear glass for acrylic. This creates an effect that makes the print appear to be floating on the wall. If you are considering a floating frame for commercial picture framing, make sure that the frame comes with UV protection. The frame should not add too much weight. A good quality frame can give surprising dimension and depth to the frame. 

Don’t add too many frames of this style as it is a special frame that should be reserved for a special photograph or a piece of art. A floating frame draws the attention of your guests. Therefore, use it to display an unforgettable photo. It is a statement piece that deserves to be the centerpiece. You can turn a blank wall into a beautiful piece of art by using a 30X42” frame. 

Deep-Set Frames 

A deep-set frame uses a thicker mat. It draws attention towards the image.  The frame adds a dimension creating a shadow within. This type of frame is the best option for showcasing travel or landscape photos. The frame provides a momentary escape to settings displayed in the photograph. Try to achieve a layered look by setting a deep-set frame along a shelf or mantle. You can further enhance the visual appeal of the framed art by changing the position of other decors. It is also easy to swap photos and frames. So, you can refresh your space every season. 

Canvas Prints 

Take a step further with canvas prints. The beautiful colours of canvas prints give a break from traditional settings. This type of frame for commercial picture framing is ideal for displaying photos. You can document photos you want to pass to the next generation. Such photos include baby photos and wedding photos. 

You can hang canvas prints with other types of frames and also on their own. If you are using it with other types of frames then it should get the central position. This will maintain a balance between frames you are using to decorate the wall. 

Tabletop Frames 

Tabletop frames are special frames that make your house feel like your home. You will fall in love with the timeless design of the frame. It comes with a detachable metal stand. So, you can hang the frame on the wall as well. We all have some areas that require a little extra personality. These frames are for such areas. You don’t want to create a cluttered look. Therefore, use only one frame in a tight space. 

You can reach out to Frame Set & Match to get expert advice on choosing the right frame for your office or home. You can also shop the best quality frames made from a variety of the highest-quality materials.     



A Guide to Different Types of Picture Frames