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Frames can make or break a picture. Our aim is always to frame your artwork in a way that makes it look its best. So whether it’s a pastel with sentimental value or an oil painting with big financial value, you can trust us to choose the best frame and preserve its integrity

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Complement Your Walls With Canvas Painting Frames

Do you like your creativity to be looped around a mesmerising piece of art? You can make your fascinating dream come true with the amazing assortment of canvas painting frames at Frame Set & Match. Be it your oil paintings, paper art, pastels, and postures, these alluring frames befits every piece of your handwrought creativity. Surprisingly, you can find tons of designs and styles in our drop-dead gorgeous canvas painting frames available with us. Delve into our designer’s frames now and make your artwork speak the language of beauty.


Let’s combine our art together!


Charming Collections of Frames at Frame Set & Match
Believe in love at first sight? If not, then be ready with us because our creative collection of frames and sets are just so hypnotising and full of artistic feel. You will find a tremendous range of aesthetic frames under one roof. Have a look at all those:


We hand stretch all our canvases over made-to-measure bars. We also have specialty stretchers that can be adjusted to maintain the long-term integrity of your canvas.

Works on Paper

Paintings, drawings, pastels, and prints old and new. We know how to best preserve and present and medium on paper


From glossy portfolio pieces, antique heirlooms  to the kid’s school picture for grandma or sports memorabilia framing, we’ll help you bring your photos into perfect focus.

Art Picture Frames

A painting is worth a million pounds in terms of both emotional and financial value. This is because the resources of love, colors, feeling, and passion are collected together to make it. Keeping in mind its precious worth, art picture frames are curated with a blend of integrity and quality to provide you the best product.

Antique Picture Frames

Creativity comprises many forms such as paintings, pastels, prints, drawings, and much more. If you wish to preserve your priceless possession in a unique and magnificent way, let your wish be granted with alluring and antique picture frames.

Vintage Frames

Memories of old times never fade away from the heart. With the classic vintage frames, you can make it more golden as it flawlessly suits to style the old pictures of yours or your loved ones. So, make your black and white photos the colors of your heart.

Handmade Frames

Nothing can beat the enticement of handmade crafts as these are created with love, passion and hearty feelings. The special assortment of quality canvas or handmade frames adjusted with special stretchers to enhance the integrity make your art hemmed with delightfulness.

Let the art and creativity be the reason of your happiness!

Why Trust Us

We love artwork — almost as much as we love helping preserve your keepsakes — and we want to ensure that it looks great wherever you hang it! We understand that artwork, whether old or new, is precious.

How to order

Frame Set Match’s process of framing your beautiful artwork is quite simple. Ordering your very own bespoke picture frame is easy! By simply calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website, you can get easily get started on placing an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless frame!