Bespoke Frame Trends for 2019


Bespoke frames never go out of fashion: if you find the right bespoke frame provider, your frame will last for many years and serve as a lasting testament to your sense of taste and an object that you adore.

What are the hottest bespoke frame trends for 2019 though? Here’s a closer look at exactly why you should choose a bespoke picture frame and the trends that you should look out for.


Why to Choose a Bespoke Frame

Here’s a closer look at exactly why bespoke frames remain so popular today.


Total control

If you decide to commission a bespoke frame, you’ll have total control over the process. This means that you can choose key options like the material, the colour, the size, shape and much more.

This gives you a sense of unparalleled control that is simply not offered with ready-made picture frames. If you have a particularly beautiful or meaningful object that you want to put in the perfect frame, you’ll want to go for a bespoke option.


Ultimate protection

There are lots of important items that people choose to frame for a wide range of reasons. These items are often irreplaceable and they need to be stored in a safe way that gives those items the protection that they need.

Bespoke frames offer incredible amounts of protection against damage and harm from UV rays. They are much more effective than ready-made frames – if you have an important item that needs to be protected, you should choose a bespoke frame.


Express yourself

Everybody loves to express themselves, their tastes and their preferences. The places where we live are canvases upon which we can really paint a picture of who we are and what we love.

Bespoke frames give you total control and this means that you can fully express yourself. Choosing a bespoke frame is also a sign that you value the piece you’ve chosen to frame and it can really elevate the status of your home.



Ready-made picture frames are often made from poor-quality materials. Those poor materials reduce the longevity of your frame and often fail to give your prized possession the protection that it deserves.

Bespoke picture frames last much longer while offering you the protection that you need. If you want to get a better value for money in the long term, you really can’t beat a bespoke picture frame.


Key Bespoke Frame Trends

Now that we have a better understanding of why you might want to choose a bespoke picture frame, let’s dive a little deeper into some of the key trends that we have seen for 2019 and beyond.


Framing unique objects

Your bespoke frame doesn’t have to be used for a picture. More people than ever before are commissioning bespoke frames for a wide variety of objects and artworks. This variety is exciting and it really helps people to express themselves and give their home a unique twist.

Some people decide to pay homage to their passions by framing objects that are important to them. Photography lovers might decide to frame vintage cameras, for example, while woodworking enthusiasts might opt to frame special tools that have a significance for them.

If you would like to explore some more unique ideas, be sure to read our piece on uncommon subjects to put in your bespoke picture frame.


An emphasis on quality

Modern materials and manufacturing techniques make it possible for you to create some truly special bespoke frames. People are taking advantage of that technology to create some really strong and long-lasting bespoke frames.

Here at Frame Set and Match, we are true artisans that use the best materials, tools and techniques to create durable frames. If you would like to learn more about how to create a quality frame, read our piece on which materials are best for your bespoke picture frame.


Choosing personal photographs

The world of photography has been transformed by the introduction of the smartphone. Now, most people carry a quality camera with them throughout the day and they have a deeper interest in creating beautiful images.

We have seen a marked increase in the number of people who decide to create bespoke frames for their own photographs. The quality of those photographs are often excellent and have an unrivalled sentimental value for their owners.

Are you considering snapping your own photos and placing them in a bespoke frame? Be sure to read our photography tips to snap frame-worthy pictures.


Using multiple frames

Nowadays, people are very passionate about a wide range of interests. The digital age has opened up a number of doors to each of us and we can explore our hobbies in much more depth than ever before.

Some people find it difficult to combine those passions into one display, but photo walls are becoming a popular way to do so. Many people now decide to commission a variety of bespoke picture frames to create a stunning and immersive photo wall.

These photo walls really leave an impact and give homeowners the ability to put various passions together. Be sure to read our top tips for putting together a photo wall display.


A twist on modern looks

Frames have been a part of history for hundreds of years. Bespoke framing is a rich and artisanal tradition that is steeped in history and culture. Many people decide to use their bespoke frames to make a statement themselves.

We have commissioned a wide range of interesting bespoke picture frames. These frames often put twists on old and new frames alike to create something truly unique. If you would like to create something truly special and pay homage to a special object, you could consider using your frame as part of the art.


Commission Your Bespoke Frame

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