Bespoke Framing 101: Top Tips to Keep In Mind

Are you new to the wonderful world of bespoke framing? This post is for you. This is a little crash course in bespoke framing where we’ll walk you through the top things to keep in mind while you start your bespoke framing journey.

Tips Bespoke Framing Tips

Let’s dive right into the tips and learn about bespoke framing. If you have any questions or recommendations, we’d love to hear your thoughts – be sure to read out to us!

1. Understand the benefits of bespoke framing

First things first, you’ll want to understand exactly what makes bespoke framing so special. It’s always a great place to start, and it will be sure to give you a better appreciation for the craft!

There are countless reasons that a person might decide to purchase a bespoke frame. Here are just some of the most popular reasons:

  • Bespoke frames are beautiful objects
  • Quality bespoke frames can often become heirlooms
  • People have endless options when it comes to bespoke framing
  • Bespoke frames are more resistant to environmental damage

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2. Learn to care for your bespoke frame

Bespoke frames are expensive items and they take many hours to construct properly. This means that once you commission and receive a bespoke frame, you’ll want to take great care of it!

There are a number of important steps that you should take to make sure that you protect your bespoke frame. Briefly, here are some of the key steps that you’ll want to take:

  • Choose the right location for your frame
  • Pay attention to bowing
  • Perform occasional maintenance
  • Pay attention when transporting your frame

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3. Visualise how your bespoke frame will look on your wall

Entering the world of bespoke framing can often be an overwhelming experience. There are a huge number of decisions that you’ll have to make about things like material, style and size.

To make the right decisions, you should learn how to visualise a bespoke frame on your wall. You’ll be able to think about the frame within the appropriate context and this can guide your decisions.

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4. Absorb bespoke framing terms

Like any distinct hobby or art, bespoke framing is filled with specialist terms that you’ll come across on a regular basis. If you learn these terms, you’ll find that your enjoyment will increase dramatically!

It doesn’t take long to learn the key terms, and it’ll help you to find your feet. If you want some help here, be sure to flick through our glossary of bespoke framing terms.

5. Select the right materials

A big part of successful bespoke framing is selecting and sourcing the best possible materials. There are lots of different options available to you and your ability to select accurately will help you to create the best frames possible.

For each component within a bespoke frame, there are multiple choices you can make. Those choices will affect things like the style and longevity of your bespoke frame, so you’ll want to educate yourself in this area.


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6. Understand how to hang your bespoke frame

Before you create your bespoke frame, you’ll need to think carefully about how you’re going to hang it. You’ll need to think about important factors like the weight of the frame and where you’re going to hang it.

It’s a delicate science, and you’ll also need to follow best practice when it actually comes to hanging the frame itself. Looking to get it right? Read our piece on how to hang a bespoke picture frame.

7. Choose the right bespoke frame provider

Unless you’re going to create your bespoke frame yourself, you’ll need to find a great bespoke frame provider to work with. This is easier said than done, given that there are a number of diverse options out there.

You should really take the time to consider your options. This will help you to find the provider that offers the best balance between important factors like timeliness, quality and price.

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