Deep Box Frames

We have a range of products for artwork and items that are to large for a regular frame. Whatever the size, our staff is ready to advise on the best solutions.
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Beautify Your Home With Acrylic Display Box 

Do you wish to enjoy museum-like attractiveness at home? Our specially-crafted acrylic display boxes enhance the beauty of particular articles or collections that you may want to display. Keeping in mind the growing need and desire of aestheticism, acrylic display boxes are created in such a way that they give tremendous optical clarity. Acrylic possesses the ability to replace the glass because of its inherently clear property. Moreover, to fulfill the customization requirements, these can be easily dyed and shaded with any color. Amazingly, acrylic display boxes also comprise top-notch reflection properties. You can have a great and soft view of the items or the antique collection when displayed in it.
Have a look at the range of our amazing acrylic artworks!

Box Frames

Some call them shadow frames. We call them box frames. They’re usually wooden with plenty of depth to them, so they hold bigger items.

Acrylic Cases

For that authentic museum look! An acrylic case lets you view at object from every angle, and can have special supports for even the most unusual of artifacts.

Sports Displays

The championship shirt of your favorite player, immortalized for your personal hall-of-fame. Why not have us source an engraved plaque for that all-star treatment.

Deep Box Picture Frames to Exhibit Bigger Items

Deep Box picture frames are the result of our extraordinary artistic endeavours to fulfil the aim of fitting even the most extensive and broadest items. Also known as shadow frames, these are best to display three-dimensional objects by boosting the finishing. They are efficient in giving enough depth to beautiful paintings and drawings. Additionally, with more space between glazing and backing, deep box frames do not come in contact with the glass, ultimately adding more grace to the display. Usually made of wooden material, they head towards classic framing.

T-Shirt Frames for Preserving Memories

Our T-shirt display frames are specially presented for the ones who love sports obsessively. For them, the jersey or t-shirt of their favourite champion is like pride and joy. They are specially crafted in a way that they hold the t-shirts with grace. Though depending upon the size of your t-shirt, you need to fold it sometimes to exhibit it clearly and neatly. You can also flaunt your t-shirts which are gifted by your loved ones on special occasions or the one which holds lifetime memories, like a signed t-shirt from your last day of college. Considering the importance of memories, our framers notably craft these t-shirt display frames to fulfil the happiness of our beloved customers.

Acrylic Cases for Appealing Display

We all sometimes like to collect the items of our interest or ones with antique properties. Elegantly exhibiting such things is a feeling of joy. With fantastic features such as optical clarity and the ability to replace glass, acrylic cases help make the illusion of museum-like display wherever you want. Besides, they preserve your prized-possession safely. As they do not have sharp or dangerous edges, it is also safe to place them at your home. You can get an acrylic case to enjoy up to seventeen times more strength in comparison to the glass material.


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