Certificates and Documents

Whether it’s to show off or preserve, our document framing service ensures your prized possessions are preserved. We can handle any size or shape, and any number of orders at once.
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Certificates and Documents

We frame all types of certificates and documents. For example, many of our customers need to preserve and present their graduation certificate. A well-framed certificate, in your office, can make a powerful statement. We know that displaying your hard work is important and we do our best to help.

Antique Documents

We also frame antique documents. Our expert team handles each item carefully. Archival and acid-free materials help to ensure the longevity of the paper, while our designs accent their aesthetic.


We also frame charters. Charters are written documents that create and define the franchises of a city, educational institution, or corporation. Typically, they are sealed with wax and are showcased beautifully. An official wax seal needs to be carefully presented.



Our Approach

Do you have a special certificate or document you need to preserve? We understand the importance of keeping documents safe, clean and away from harm. Whether you’re looking to display your precious certificate or document, or simply preserve it from deterioration, we can frame it.



Why Trust Us

At Frame Set Match, we take great pride in our work we love helping preserve and showcase your prized possessions.

How to order

Frame Set Match’s process of framing your certificates and documents is quite simple. You can get started in framing your beloved certificates and documents today. By simply calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website, you can get easily get started on placing an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless frame!