Degree Certificate Frames

Whether it’s to show off or preserve, we’ll ensure your precious pieces of paper are presented to last. We can handle any size or shape, and any number of orders at once.
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Graduation Certificates

A well-framed certificate makes a powerful statement in any professional office.

Antique Documents

The gloves are on (literally) as we handle these delicate items. Archival and acid-free materials ensure the longevity or the paper, while classical and timeless designs accent their aesthetic.


An official wax seal needs the royal treatment, with regally gilded frames and hand-wrapped velvet mounts.

Frame Selections

Choose from a vast range of high quality frames in different colours, sizes and styles, from the antique to the modern.

How to Order

Getting your frame is easy. Just head over to our Orders page and call or email us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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