Classic Poster Inspiration (And How to Frame Them)


Posters are relatively cheap, quick to make and leave a strong visual impression on whoever sees them. They are also highly versatile and you can fit them in your home whatever amount of space you have left.

Thinking about getting a new poster to liven up your home and pay homage to that special thing that you love? Here’s a look at some classic posters and a guide on how to frame a poster once you’ve chosen!


Film Posters

Here’s a look at the most classic film posters so that you can share your love of your favourite film.


Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a modern classic. The movie was released in 1994 and cemented Quentin Tarantino’s reputation as a master of film. If you’re looking for poster framing ideas, you can’t go wrong with this awesome poster.



Based on a true story, Goodfellas follows the trials and tribulations of Henry Hill after he becomes enamoured of the criminal lifestyle. The movie is remembered for its brilliant storytelling and colourful characters, making this a great poster to capture the feel of the movie.


Creature from the Black Lagoon

This black and white monster horror film follows a geology expedition into the Amazon where fossilised evidence of land and sea animals is uncovered. Gill-man is one of the most classic monsters of all time and this iconic poster captures his countenance.


Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars is perhaps the most famous movie franchise in the world and it continues to grow. For many people, A New Hope is one of the best movies from the franchise and its poster is incredibly iconic. Demonstrate your love for Star Wars with this poster.


Music Posters

Many people also frame posters to show their love for their favourite musicians and bands. Here’s a look at some of the most iconic options out there.



Nirvana paved the way for the entry of punk and rock into the mainstream. Kurt Cobain is a cult hero and the band’s drummer, Dave Grohl, continues to rock the world today with The Foo Fighters. This is a great poster option and you can differentiate it with a beautiful custom frame.


David Bowie

David Bowie is a mythic character in music. Over his long career, he constantly reinvented himself to explore new musical territory and amaze his fans. There are many iconic music poster available that help you to celebrate his music and his personality.


The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are still one of the biggest names in rock music. Mick Jagger is perhaps the largest and best-known name, but the band has released countless classic songs over the years. This iconic poster looks fabulous in a custom frame and it can help you to celebrate the rock legends.


The Beatles

The Beatles were the most successful band of all time. John, Paul, Ringo and George blew minds around the world with their inventive and inspiring music. To this day, there are thousands of iconic images of the band that would look great in a custom frame.


Miscellaneous Posters

The world of design is incredibly diverse and there are countless iconic posters that you can frame to celebrate history and culture. Here are just some of the options.


Keep Calm and Carry On

This motivational poster was originally produced by the British government in 1939 in order to boost the morale of the British public going into World War II. The poster was not used at the time, but it was uncovered years later and acts as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and stoicism.


We Can Do It

This American World War II poster was produced in a bid to boost the morale of female war production workers. Again, the poster was not commonly seen at the time but in the years since it has been closely associated with feminism and other political issues.


Graphic Design Options

There are also countless beautiful posters that celebrate graphic design and particular themes. You can find a huge range of posters out there to celebrate a particular passion or interest of yours. By placing those posters within a custom frame, you can protect and present them in the best way possible.


How to Frame a Classic Poster

If you find the perfect classic poster, you’ll want to find a quality custom frame for it. This will help you to protect it over the years and elevate it to the level of importance that it deserves.


To begin, you’ll want to find the right type of frame. This means that you should look for the right colour and material that fits with the subject matter on your poster. An iconic movie poster, for example, will often look great in a slim black frame that places all the emphasis upon the movie poster.


Next, you’ll want to purchase the frame and take off the back. Every frame will be different but it should be relatively simple. Now, it’s time to place the poster in the frame and make sure to remove and potential wrinkles and pieces of debris that might appear. Once the poster is in the correct position, you’ll want to take it and then replace the back.


When hanging the poster, it’s a matter of balancing the size and weight with the type of wall that it will be hung upon. You’ll also want to think carefully about the kind of hanger that will go onto the back of the frame and how best to put it on your wall.


Explore Bespoke Framing Today

If you are looking to really take things to the next level, you might want to explore custom framing for your poster. This can give you complete control over every element of the process, ensuring that you get the best poster frame possible.

If you have a special poster in mind that you would like to preserve and present with a custom frame, be sure to contact us today.