Corporate & Commercial

 Almost any business can benefit from beautiful, tasteful works of art that complement the interior decor of a commercial space. At Frame Set & Match, we work with medical offices, law offices, hotels, and other businesses to create beautiful bespoke frames for wall art of all kinds.
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Corporate Art Framing

Our team work with clients in all industries. From hotels, restaurants, event spaces, offices, photographers and galleries, we provide quality, stylish corporate art framing. You can trust that we’ll make sure your event or environment looks great and fits your requirements.

Customized Frames

Depending on your needs for your office or event space, we can customize our frames to suit your style.


Frame Set Match team up with your designer and architects to visualise your end goal.



Our Approach

Frame Set Match frame for the hospitality sector, art industry and businesses of all kinds. We can tailor our framing to your budget, style and preferences. We take great pride in being able to fulfill your framing needs — from hotels, restaurants, event spaces, offices and galleries — we do it all!



Why Trust Us

Our framers have a wealth of experience, through their many years of custom framing, and our company representative is ready to help us tailor to your needs of corporate frames.

How to order

We have many options for frames that come in many different sizes and styles. After choosing your own frame, you can begin the ordering process. Ordering your very own Bespoke frame is easy! We offer the convenience of ordering our custom framing online as well as in-person.