Sports Shirt Framing

Cloth pieces require finesse in order to remove wrinkles and distortions. We’ll carry out the work required to ensure the finished result looks pretty as a picture.
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Needlework make for beautiful framed works of art. But their success lies in the stretch. The fabric needs to be laced over a thick board and pulled tight, a tricky task. Leave it to us.

Art on Fabric

Whether it’s a heavy Persian rug, a delicate silk scarf, or a painstakingly stitched embroidery, we aren’t a-frayed to work with your fabric pieces.

Sports Shirts

Designed to be worn, not displayed flat, football shirt framing can be a complicated affair. We have a lot of experience doing this though, and for more than just football! Rugby, basketball, American football and marathon tops all get gold-medal treatment.

Frame Selections

Choose from a vast range of high quality frames in different colours, sizes and styles, from the antique to the modern.

How to Order

Getting your frame is easy. Just head over to our Orders page and call or email us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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