Four Qualities of a Great Bespoke Framer (And How to Choose One)

If you are looking for a perfect bespoke frame, you’ll need to find a talented artisan to put it together for you. There are a number of talented and passionate bespoke frame providers out there, so it can often be difficult to find the option that’s right for you.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at the four top qualities of a great bespoke framer. We’ll then take a look at the process you might want to follow when it comes to actually finding the best provider.


Four Qualities of a Great Bespoke Framer

There are many talented bespoke framers out there and making your choice can be tough. The absolute best bespoke framers will exhibit all of the following traits, though, as well as some more that make them the obvious choice for your needs.

Here’s a closer look at the four qualities you should look out for.



First things first, you’ll want to find a provider who is attentive to your needs and willing to take your every thought into account. If you have decided to create a bespoke frame, there’s a good chance that you have a very vivid idea in mind – your bespoke frame specialist should help you to make that idea a reality.

You should be sure to assess the attentiveness of your provider by trying to discuss your idea with them. You should look out for those providers who are receptive to your conversation and seem willing to engage with you.

You should, of course, try to find a provider who is polite and willing to share their extensive knowledge with you. There are lots of great framing providers out there who are truly excellent at their job in this sense.



Attentiveness and a desire to please are very important, but it’s all got to be backed up by heaps of talent at the end of the day. There are master bespoke frame makers who spend many years perfecting their craft. They are able to use a range of materials and techniques to create frames that will last for many lifetimes.

When it comes to assessing the talent of your framer, you’ll want to look toward their previous work and what they’ve achieved in the past. You could also visit their workshop to see them at work – you’ll be sure to get an appreciation for exactly what they can achieve.

If you choose a talented frame maker, you’ll find that they have what it takes to execute on your brief and create the bespoke frame that you’ve always been looking for.



As with anything else in life, you’ll want to find a professional who is passionate about what they do to get the best results. Framing really is an art form and you’ve got to try and find a provider who is very passionate about it.

If you find a passionate provider, you can rest assured that they’ll treat your bespoke frame as a labour of love and pour everything they have into it. That passion will manifest itself in terms of quality and durability.

A passionate provider will also naturally be attentive and respectful. They’ll want to hear about your needs so that they can deliver an amazing job that will tick all the boxes in terms of what you were looking for.



As much as framing is an art, there’s also a strong technical aspect to it. You’ll need a provider who understands this part of framing so that they can choose the right materials and make specific recommendations.

Knowledgeable framing providers will ask questions about the subject that you’re hoping to frame and where you want to keep it. This will help them to make informed decisions and create the most durable bespoke frame possible.

You’ll need to find a provider who is passionate about framing and willing to share their knowledge. They are an important resource and you should feel free to use their knowledge as your own to get what you’re looking for.


How to Choose the Best Bespoke Frame Provider

Now that we have a better idea of what to look for in terms of your bespoke frame provider, let’s take a look at what the specific process might look like.


1. Search for bespoke frame providers near me

To start, you’ll probably want to find a local bespoke frame provider. Their proximity means that you’ll be able to check on the progress of the work and deliver your initial brief in person – it’s a much more fun and fulfilling way for everyone to do things!


2. Assess their responsiveness

Once you’ve made initial contact, you’ll want to carefully assess how they responded to your enquiry – where they fast? Did they give you all of the information you were hoping for? This experience can give a good indication as to what to expect in terms of quality.


3. Examine their previous work

Now that you’ve made contact with a provider, you should feel free to ask about their previous work and request to see some pieces. This will give you a better idea of what your bespoke framing provider can achieve and whether they’re a good fit.


4. Discuss pricing

Finally, you’ll want to discuss pricing and find out whether or not the bespoke framer offers a service that’s within your budget. Your provider should be transparent when it comes to pricing and justify all of the costs associated with the project.


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