Frame Set and Match’s Favourite Framing Ideas for Islamic Art


“Islamic art” is a broad term that is used to refer to a beautiful and far-reaching range of art produced by Islamic populations since the 7th century.

These pieces come in a range of mediums, all the way from ornate calligraphy and paintings to breathtaking architecture and delicate ceramics. Bound by a range of similarities stretching across time and distance, these pieces are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Many people pay homage to Islamic art by displaying their own pieces. If you are looking to frame a particularly beautiful piece of Islamic art in your home, you’ll want to make sure that your frame does it justice.

To inspire you with unique ideas, here are some of our favourite framing ideas for Islamic art.


Framing Your Islamic Art: The Basics

First things first, it’s important that you use materials which will properly protect your art. You’ll want to ensure that it’s an enduring piece, and you can make make sure that’s the case by using the following methods.


Choose quality materials

Your piece of Islamic art should be protected with the appropriate materials that do it justice. This means that your frames and other materials should be acid-free and offer robust protection. A sturdy frame will ensure that your piece is protected from knocks and even falls.

If you work with a trusted provider, you will be able to protect your precious Islamic art using all of the right materials and techniques.


Offer UV protection

Exposure to natural light and its UV rays will mean that your piece could begin to fade over time. Incremental damage will also negatively affect the intricacies and details on your piece. To protect your art, it’s very important that the glass on your frame is UV protective.

This UV glass can dramatically slow the fading process by blocking 97% of the harmful rays. If you are placing your piece in a well-lit room, you might also want to consider investing in glass that is slightly more expensive but offers protection against glare.


Pick a durable frame

Your piece of Islamic art is timeless, so the frame should be too. Whichever material you go for, you need to ensure that it does not become weaker or look poorer with age. Once you have chosen the right frame you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as your artwork.


Framing Your Islamic Art: The Inspiration

Now that we have covered the basics on how to protect your piece, let’s take a look at some of the inspiration.


Celebrate Calligraphy

Islamic art often features beautiful calligraphic designs. While many of these pieces are religious exhortations, there are also of course secular options such as poetry and inscriptions. Often written in Arabic, there are also other languages used depending on the location of the piece such as Turkish, Urdu and Persian.

These pieces are equal parts profound and beautiful, and people celebrate them in a variety of ways.


In this example, the owner has chosen to let the Five Pillars of Islam take prominence by using simple frames. The black font stands out against the white background to really add contrast with the immediate environment:


This piece celebrates the Bismillah with an ornate frame that elevates it and shows its importance. The recessed material adds a sense of depth and literally brings the text from the wall. We like the silver lining too, which offers a nice mid-way point between the light wall and the dark frame.


This option uses a regal burgundy colour to elevate the Bismillah and add a sense of refinement. The golden accents add to this feeling and the colours within the piece itself are reflected in the wider frame. This is a remarkable way to create a centrepiece in any home.


This black and silver resin frame shows how a shadow box can be used to accommodate for physical pieces. The design is ornate while the frame perfectly houses the piece in a consistent and striking way.


Opt for Ornate

Islamic art frames are often pieces of art themselves, sporting complex and intricate patterns that enchant the viewer and place an extra level of meaning on the art within.


This piece uses intricate patterns and ceramics to create a colourful and spellbinding frame that will bring the subject within to life. Specific colours and patterns can be used to add extra meaning to a piece.


This frame is elegant and uses touches of gold and red to add colour to a piece. The delicate frame demonstrates that when it comes to framing Islamic art, the imagination is our only barrier.


This beautiful option has a unique shape to accommodate for an interesting piece, helping an owner of Islamic art to create an interesting and unique testament to culture. The colours are also beautiful, and would look fantastic in natural light.


Consult with Experts

If you have a piece of stunning Islamic art that you would like to frame, then you should be sure to consult with trained experts who can share their opinion with you. We would be delighted to help with your framing needs, so be sure to contact us today!