Framing Your Family Tree

Your family tree is a part of your identity. Looking at it, you can gaze into the past to see the people who shaped your habits, traditions and character.

Family tree picture framing is a great way to celebrate your heritage in a poignant way. There are countless beautiful and creative designs that you can choose from to make an intriguing and refined addition to your home.

Of course, you should choose a frame that does such a powerful object justice. A beautiful bespoke frame can capture the identity of your family tree and give it the elevation that it deserves.

If you’re looking for a family tree wall art picture frame, here are our tips on how to make the right decision.


TIp #1: Visualise the frame within context

The first thing to consider is where your family tree will be displayed in your home.

Will it have ample light? Which are the main materials and textures surrounding it? Will it be accompanied by other framed images?

Thinking about these types of questions will help you to visualise a frame that pairs with the environment it will appear in. If the surrounding decor is composed mainly of wood, for example, you may want to consider a wooden frame.

This also helps you to think about decoration and accenting. Will the frame have metal leafing, an allusion to the leaves on your family tree? Or will it have a less flamboyant air to pair with its environment?


TIp #2: Imagine the design

Your family tree is something very personal that you can bring to life using a design that resonates with you. When you close your eyes, do you see cursive serif fonts that offer a refined and classical feel? Or perhaps neat sans serif fonts that emphasise the shape and ordered nature of a family tree?

How about the colours included within the design? Will it simply be shades of black and white, or will you introduce colour? Will you perhaps have a family crest that adds a focal point to the piece?

Some families develop beautiful family trees based around visuals, with a photo accompanying each name. Could this be an option?

Each of these decisions will have an impact on the other elements that you should consider.


TIp #3: Think about colour

Perhaps the most striking element of your frame will be its colour. The classic colours might be appropriate depending upon your preferences. Black, white, natural oak and shades of grey are all viable options.

The best colour will depend on where you would like to hang your family tree, and what kind of mood you would like to portray. A black frame, for example, could add an air of refinement and stand out against a bright wall to make a statement. Natural oak and earthy colours could cultivate a more natural feeling.


Tip #4: Consider the style

Do you envision your frame as being slim, medium or wide? This depends on your personal preferences and each has its advantages. A wider frame commands more attention and could lend your family tree that gravitas that it deserves.

A slimmer frame could be gentler and offer a more refined and contemporary look, depending on its surroundings.

The actual design of the family tree will play a big role too. Large sans-serif fonts might be best complemented by a wider frame, whereas a family tree that includes images might be better suited by a medium frame.


Tip #5: Add a mount

A neutral mount will ensure that your family tree is given the attention and elevation that it deserves. A mount can add a refined and sophisticated look, placing your family tree front and centre.

The size of the mount will vary, of course, depending on the frame that you would like. You should do some research to find a style that resonates with you. Of course, you might even decide that you will have no mount, depending on the design that your family tree will use.


Tip #6: Choose glass (if at all)

Glass helps to protect your items from dust, UV light and accidental damage. Is it the right choice for your family tree?

There are a variety of options available to you. Normal glass can be used but it can be too reflective and it is difficult to transport. Perhaps non-glare glass would be better, or even museum glass if you’re willing to make an investment to protect your family tree.

You should be sure to do some extensive research into which type of protection will be the best for your family tree.


Tip #7: Prioritise workmanship

Your family tree is a precious and unique object, so you should make every effort to secure a quality frame that does it justice.

There is a world of difference between those frames bought in a store and those crafted by a professional. Your family tree is timeless, so the frame housing it should be too. We recommend balancing your budget and even deferring your purchase if necessary. This can help you to make the right investment at the right time.


Looking to Frame Your Family Tree Today?

We hope that this piece has given you some interesting food for thought. Are you any closer to being able to visualise your dream family tree?

Sometimes it takes a while and a whole lot of research until something clicks. It’s a decision that you shouldn’t be afraid to think about for a long time – once it has been produced you will have an enduring reminder of your family and the people that made you who you are.

Looking for some advice? Our team are experts in framing and it would be our pleasure to help you bring your family tree to life.

At Frame Set and Match we specialise in creating beautiful frames for your treasured items. If you have an idea for your family tree or would like to get our opinion, feel free to get in touch with us today. We can offer you advice and create a quote for your custom frame.