Fun and Creative Objects to Put in Your Shadow Box Frame


Do you have a special object or item that you want to proudly preserve and present? You might want to invest in a bespoke shadow box frame. Here’s a closer look at what shadow box frames are, why you might want one and some inspiration for items to frame.


What is a Shadow Box Frame?

A shadow box frame is glass-front picture frame that offers a larger level of depth when compared to traditional frames. This means that it’s possible to store physical objects within the frame and to present and preserve them.

Many people decide to create a shadow box frame that revolves around a particular theme. Celebrating graduation is a common theme, for example, and allows people to frame their certificate alongside a physical memento.


Why to Choose a Shadow Box Frame

There are lots of reasons that shadow box frames are popular. Here’s a look at the main ones.


Protect your precious items

If you have a fragile item that you want to care for, a shadow box frame is a great place to keep it. The best bespoke shadow box frames offer a sealed and acid-free environment for your item while also protecting it from the harmful effects of UV light.

Let’s imagine that you have a shadow box frame celebrating an amazing season for your football team. Inside, you might have a signed football shirt and a photograph. Those items can be protected and preserved for many years using a shadow box frame.


Create visual intrigue

Most people like to present artwork, photographs and other items within frames in their home. A shadow box frame can help you to stand out from the crowd and create a truly interesting and engaging item.

Many shadow box frames are displayed prominently within homes, making them a focal point of attention. If you want to demonstrate your love for a concept or a special moment in your life, a shadow box frame can help you to do that.


Tie together your home

Shadow box frames are often used to bring together a look or theme. Let’s imagine that you have gone for a Scandinavian look in your living room. You have captured the sense of minimalism and simplicity well but you’re still missing something.

An elegant shadow box frame could be used to frame a piece of minimalist art and really help to drive home the look that you’re going for. This applies for whatever style or theme you’re trying to cultivate within your home.


What Makes a Good Shadow Box Frame?

Interested in creating your own bespoke shadow box frame? Here’s a closer look at the qualities that the best shadow box frames share.



If you are trusting in a frame to protect items that are very important to you, you’ll want to make sure that it can do the job properly. This means that your shadow box frame should be made from the finest materials and to the highest possible standard.

The shadow box frame should also be installed in a safe and secure way. This will help it to remain on the wall without you having to worry about it falling or becoming damaged.



Of course, you want to make sure that your shadow box frame fits with the style that you have tried to establish within your home. This means that you should put a lot of thought into the frame itself.

You should put a lot of consideration into elements like the colour and material of the frame, as well as the way it will fit within its surroundings.



You want a shadow box frame that fits with your exact needs. If you purchase a ready-made option, you might find that the measurements are incorrect and that it does not provide the level of protection that you require.

If you invest in a bespoke shadow box frame, you will be able to choose the finest materials and benefit from the best workmanship. Be sure to learn more about our services to get the best results.


Shadow Box Frame Ideas

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s a look at what to frame inside a shadow box frame.


Celebrate a Special Pet

Pets are a big part of life. If you want to celebrate the memory of a special friend, a shadow box frame can be used to good effect.

In this example, the owner has decided to blend together photographs and a physical object to remember his furry friend. Shapes have also been cut into the frame, which is a unique way to add some more life and character to the shadow box frame.


An Intriguing Diorama

Some creative people decide to use a shadow box frame to create an interesting diorama which is a piece of artwork in itself.

This example sets a peaceful scene and uses a very high level of depth to create an almost parallax effect. This makes it intriguing to look at and we’re sure that it was also a lot of fun to plan and design!


Precious Memories

A shadow box frame is a great way to present a special memory and celebrate a relationship with a special person.

In this option, the owners have decided to pay homage to their baby by collecting together a range of physical items and photography. The shadow box frame really tells a story and acts as a wonderful reminder of a special time.


Collecting Mementos

The best thing about shadow box frames is that they can be used whatever your passion or personality.

This option is a charming way to collect together a wide range of smaller mementos. This is a great way to celebrate a friendship or relationship – it is a great way to collect together a range of smaller items that remind you of good times.


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