Here Are The Most Interesting Bespoke Framing Ideas from Pinterest


Bespoke frames give you a magical way to liven up your home and really show your character. If you are interested in making your home as beautiful as it can be, you’ll want to explore the potential of bespoke frames.

One of the best things about these frames is that you have total control: you can choose the materials, size, colour and much more.

Some people take this freedom and run with it to create some really amazing frames. It’s inspiring to see and it’s possible to draw a lot of inspiration from those people.


Beautiful Bespoke Frames from Pinterest

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting bespoke framing ideas from Pinterest.


Transparent Wooden Photo Frame

This frame is very minimalistic and it captures a moment in time forever. It has been built using clean wooden materials that give a classy and modern look.

The best thing about this type of transparent photo frame is that you can incorporate any object that you like. You might want to include a not that has some personal significance for you, for instance, or you could even include another paper memento.

Of course, you could also go a bit more traditional and incorporate a photograph. There’s something beautiful about seeing an object suspended in one of these frames – you should be sure to work with the best frame creators so that they can create the best bespoke transparent frame for you.


Fantastic Foliage

This is a wonderful frame idea and it’s relatively easy to achieve if you have some arts and crafts skills. Best of all, you don’t have to invest in a specific type of frame – you could purchase one off the shelf from any store.

You can incorporate plants and foliage from any source. There are lots of places to cheap plastic plants and flowers that will make your frame look fantastic.

As you can see from the examples here, there are lots of ways that you can arrange your plants around your frame. It often works best when a significant portion of the frame is left bare, really showing what you’ve managed to achieve.


Arrangement Within a Frame

This effect is easy to achieve and it’s quite striking. Bespoke frames work best when they play with the environment around them. This arrangement takes that idea to the extreme and puts smaller frames within a larger frame.

The effect is very visually pleasing and it makes you think more carefully about the relationship between the pieces within the frame. It’s an effect that you can achieve in your home with very little effort and it would be sure to intrigue your guests.


Shelves Within Frames

Some people really enjoy having a lot of shelf space in their homes – the empty space taken up by frames can be frustrating to them but this option gives you the best of both worlds.

With this look, you can have attractive frames that also double up as three-dimensional shelf space. You can use a range of items on those little shelves and it’s easy to create some attractive looks.

This particular example hasn’t done it, but you could even try to paint the frames so that they have a more interesting relationship with the items on the shelves.


Chicken Wire Photo Frame

Do you love to switch and change photos at a moment’s notice? Some people love the flexibility that this type of framing option offers them. If you get tired of particular photos or pieces easily, this is a great solution.

The frame is easy to put together and you just need some simple chicken wire to create your canvas. Small pegs offer a cute look and you can easily print out your polaroids and replace them at a moment’s notice.

This is a budget choice, too. It helps you to create a beautiful look for the cost of just a few pounds really!


Escaping the Frame

Everybody is used to frames that keep their subjects inside – this simple idea can create a really striking image. You could easily decide to play with the space inside and outside your frame to create something similar.

There are lots of options available to you – you could play with this idea according to the subject within your frame, for instance. The sky really is the limit with something like this and your creativity is the only limit.


Around the Bend

Do you have sharp corners in your home? This type of look is somewhat difficult to achieve from a technical perspective but it’s very intriguing and it can help you to create a beautiful look in your home.

Your visitors will be sure to pay attention to your beautiful photos when they are displayed like this. Again, you could decide to play with the subjects in your frames to make sure that they are a good fit for this type of look.


Layered Colours

If you love arts are crafts, it’s easy to spruce up a basic frame using just a few materials and tools. We love how simple this idea is – it’s something that you could do with your children to have lots of fun.

You are free to choose the colours and materials, too. This makes this frame particularly simple to make and it does look quite cute. If you’re going for this arts and crafts type of look for a room in your home, a frame like this could be a great idea.


Bursting with Flowers

This is another stunning idea that really makes an impact on your visitors. It’s simple to achieve, too, and you are free to make all of the choices.

You could use plastic flowers or you could even paint your own! The fact that the flowers burst from the frame is a really beautiful touch and it will be sure to create a sense of vitality and beauty within your home.


Physical Shapes

This is a striking idea. The creator has chosen to do away with anything other than the frame and a physical object that matches in terms of colour and material. It’s a great principle and we’re sure that you’ll have lots of fun ideas related to it.

You could decide to achieve this type of look using a range of materials or themes. Perhaps you have a particular passion in your life that would look really great brought to life this way.


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