How to Buy a Bespoke Frame As a Gift

Looking to purchase the perfect gift for a friend or loved one? There are lots of different options, of course, but have you considered a bespoke frame?

A high-quality bespoke frame could be the perfect gift option. These items have a lot of sentimental value and they’ll occupy a point of pride in your loved one’s home for many years to come.

A bespoke frame is also an immensely thoughtful gift and you’ll be able to show how much you care about a person and their tastes.

Finding that perfect bespoke frame is no easy task, though, and you’ll need to go into the process with a strong strategy.

How to buy a bespoke frame as a gift

Here’s a closer look at the steps you’ll need to take if you’re going to find the best possible bespoke frame for your loved one.

1. Understand the advantages of bespoke framing

First things first, you should understand the gift that you’re buying and why it makes such a great choice! This will help you to know what to look out for and whether or not this is the right gift for your friend or loved one.

We’ve written a more comprehensive piece on this subject but as a quick summary, here’s a look at the main reasons:

Endless options

Perhaps the biggest advantage of bespoke framing is the unparalleled versatility that it affords you. When you decide to commission your own frame, you’ll be able to make all of the key decisions and produce something that your recipient will truly adore.

You’ll be able to select the dimensions and the materials, of course, to create something that’s unique and irreplaceable.

Great workmanship

High-quality bespoke frames are works of art in themselves. These great frames are sure to impress your recipient and they’ll really appreciate owning such a beautiful object for use in their home.

A touch of class

A bespoke frame is an elegant gift that really shows you care. It’s a unique option that’s going to set your gift apart from the crowd and add a touch of class to the home of whoever you give it to.

Read our piece on why to choose bespoke framing to improve your knowledge.

2. Check out the latest bespoke framing trends

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a bespoke frame for your friend or loved one, you’ll want to catch up on all the latest bespoke framing trends. Doing so will help you to give the best gift possible and create something that’s truly special.

You can also use those trends to cater something special to the needs and tastes of your recipient.

We’ve put together a helpful guide for you that takes a look at the latest 2020 trends. We hope that you enjoy it and that it gives you some inspiration! Read about the top bespoke framing trends for 2020.

3. Decide what to put in your bespoke frame

Now that you’ve thought about why to get a bespoke frame and which trends you’re going to follow, you’ll want to think carefully about what to put in the frame itself! This might be an obvious choice or you might want to think about the perfect object.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a look at some beautiful objects you could put in a frame to delight your recipient:

  • A special photograph
  • A beautiful painting
  • Religious texts or scriptures
  • A thoughtful quote
  • A piece of art that you created

All of those ideas would be sure to delight your recipient. If you want to learn more about this area, be sure to read our article on how to find objects to put in a bespoke frame.

4. Learn how to commission a bespoke frame

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you’re going to put into your bespoke frame, it’s time to think about exactly how you’re going to commission the frame.

If you go into this process with a distinct plan, you’ll be better able to get the most from it. Here’s a look at the general steps that you’ll want to take along the way:

  1. Do your research and find what you would like
  2. Use references to help build a clearer picture
  3. Share your decisions in a clear way
  4. Put together mood boards and inspiration

We hope that this helps  you go into the process with a proper strategy. If you want to learn more about this, read our piece on how to commission a bespoke picture frame.

5. Find a great bespoke framing provider

Perhaps the most important part of buying a bespoke frame for your friend or loved one is finding the right bespoke frame provider.

You’ll want to invest an appropriate amount of time into finding a great bespoke frame provider. Again, you can boost the quality of your results if you go into this with a process. Here’s a look at the steps you might want to follow:

  1. Find a local bespoke frame provider so that you can discuss your ideas in person, check in on your frame and collect your frame easily
  2. Examine the previous work of your chosen provider
  3. Read customer reviews to build a clearer picture
  4. Collect accurate quotes

We are sure that this process will help you to make the right decision. If you want more information, read our piece on how to find a great bespoke framing provider.

Get Your Bespoke Frame From Frame Set and Match

A bespoke frame is a truly beautiful gift that can make your recipient feel amazing. The gift will last for many years to come and it will have a serious amount of emotional weight – it’s the perfect option!

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