How to care for your bespoke picture frame


Holding your beautiful bespoke frame in your hands for the first time is a very exciting moment – this is the object that will help to present and protect your important piece for years to come and bring out its personality.

The frame is there to protect your piece, but how do you protect the frame itself? Here’s a closer look at how you can take care of your bespoke picture frame.


Think about the location of your frame

Firstly, you should take care of your frame by ensuring that it is hung in a neutral environment. This means that you should avoid rooms that are too hot or cold, and you should certainly avoid those environments that suffer from moisture.

Hanging your frame in the right environment gives it the best chance of lasting for as long as possible and protecting your piece effectively. If you find that the room suffers from moisture, perhaps you should consider addressing the underlying cause before hanging your frame there.


Monitor for bowing

To protect your frame as effectively as possible, you should be sure to diligently monitor its condition. Pay particular attention to any signs of bowing, which could be indicative of structural issues with your bespoke picture frame.

Staying on top of these developments can help you to address those issues as and when they arise, giving you the best chance to resolve it quickly and effectively.


Perform regular maintenance

Of course, you should make sure to perform regular maintenance on your frame. This includes a thorough cleaning and dusting, paying particular attention to the material of your frame. This will keep your frame in top condition.

The material of your frame will determine the cleaning method that you will use. When cleaning a wooden frame, for example, you will want to avoid moisture at all costs. That might not be the case for a metal frame, though.


Clean the cover

If your frame has a cover, you will also want to make sure that you are cleaning it thoroughly and using the appropriate method. Acrylic materials have a higher electromagnetic charge, meaning that they are more susceptible to attracting dust and debris.

Microfibre cloths should be the only materials that you use for cleaning, given that they are the most gentle and effective at accumulating dust.


Occasionally perform thorough maintenance

In addition to the regular cleaning that you perform, you might want to also consider performing more comprehensive maintenance. This could include disassembling the frame to clean between joints and cleaning behind any covers that you use.

If necessary, you could consider enlisting the help of a professional to assist with this activity, making sure that your bespoke frame will be put back together in the best shape possible.


Be careful when transporting the frame

Another important factor to consider when caring for your bespoke frame is transportation: if you move house or even move the frame from one room to another, you will want to consider how you will safely transport it.

This means thinking about packaging it and moving it using a smooth transportation method that will reduce the risk of any sudden impacts.


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How to care for your bespoke picture frame