How to find subjects to put in a bespoke frame


Bespoke picture frames are the best way to preserve and present an item that is special to you. They can add a touch of class to your home, helping you to stand out from the crowd. Wondering how to find subjects to put in a bespoke frame? Here’s a look at some inspiration to help you get the ideas flowing.


A personal achievement

Many people make the decision to hang certificates, licenses and other important documents. This is a way of preserving the record of their achievement and paying homage to the large amount of effort that they put into it.

These are often hung within homes and offices alike. A bespoke frame is important, given that it can protect the important document against environmental factors like light and moisture.

You can find fun and creative ways to frame your certificate and express your personality. Take this option, for instance:

As you can see, the tassel from the graduation cap has also been incorporated into the frame. This is a great way of shaking things up and helping your frame to look unique.


A picture of a loved one

Of course, many people decide to frame a picture of their loved one. This can act as a constant reminder of the person or people that they are about the most, and act as testament to the important place they they hold.

Again, there are lots of exciting and unique ways that you can decide to frame those photographs. As this option demonstrates, you could use techniques like collage to blend together the important people in your life:


A physical object

The objects that you put inside your bespoke frame do not have to be two dimensional. Shadow frames make it possible for you to present and preserve a range of three dimensional objects like special mementos and meaningful items.

Perhaps your child made a particularly interesting gift for you, or you’re looking to demonstrate your love for your favourite movie franchise with a special item. There are lots of options and as this example shows, the results can look great:


A painting you made

A bespoke frame can help to say a lot about the painting that you frame. It can accentuate or hide certain features of the painting and help to establish a tone. Whether it’s a painting that you created or purchased, the right bespoke frame can really set it off and help it gel within its environment.

Looking to learn more about this? Read our piece on why picture frames are essential to great art.


A favourite photograph

Everybody loves photography and has a certain style that they like most. Perhaps you like landscape photography and you would appreciate a landscape bespoke frame to show off your favourite piece. Or maybe you like abstract photography and would like to arrange a selection of pieces in a unique formation.

There are lots of ways for you to make the most of bespoke framing to show off your favourite pieces. This arrangement below, for example, invites viewers to consider each piece in equal measure:


An item related to your hobby

Everybody has a favourite hobby and there is no limit on the way that you can express that passion with a framed object. Do you love fishing? Why not consider ways you could arrange meaningful objects and equipment to share that passion?

Perhaps you’re a fan of video games – could you arrange your favourite disks, cartridges or cases? There is really no limit to the exciting options that framing offers to you. Check out this example below that pays homage to Mario:


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