If you have been part of a sport, whether with family or colleagues, then you must own a jersey that you are proud to display. The pride for jersey comes from being a victor, or purely because of a jog down one’s memory lane.

In case you aren’t a sports player but are an avid sports memorabilia collector, the best way to display a sports jersey in an extra-large display case is to choose bespoke picture frames rather than purchasing pre-made picture frames. 

This will truly be a great fan moment for desiring to install sports jersey frames. To undertake the task of setting up your bespoke picture frames, here are few instructions you should follow ardently. Always get professional help to accomplish this task. 

What are the list of things you should look out for in a bespoke picture frame?


  • What is the Correct Layout & Folding for Framing the Jersey?

While picture framing an entire jersey, some of the main concerns are how it should be laid out, and exactly at which points should ideally be folded to give the jersey a needed athletic look. 

The other few questions to take care of at the initial stages are, whether or not the jersey needs ironing. Or, if the sleeves of the jersey are easily visible through the picture frame. 

  • What Kind of a Frame Is Best For Bespoke Jersey Frame?

The next very important facet to pay attention to is framing. What type of jersey frames are to be used? Do you prefer a flat or shadow box one? While both types of frames work, using a shadow box sports jersey frame allows room for more customization options. 

Yes, you can customize the sports jersey frame with sports-related items such as balls, pictures and other memorabilia that can be used to create a certain kind of mood that evokes old memories and makes others envy you. 

For example – the football fans reading this can choose to decorate their sports jersey frame with a shadow box frame of their favourite player, along with photos of their memories of the best matches. 

They can even add photos of themselves alongside their favourite players. Even adding merchandise they’ve purchased on the football teams online store, can be accommodated to create a true fan experience. 

  • Which Type of Materials Should One Use for Bespoke Jersey Frame?

Apart from choosing the type of frame required, it is equally essential to make a sound decision about the kind of material these frames are made of. Looking for a vendor that uses top-quality wood, matting, mouldings, acid-free backing, that adds to the tensile strength of the material is important. 

The top bespoke picture frame shop has a large variety of options available for customization of the material used in making frames. They make UV-protective glass, outline matting, and plexiglass material easily available to use for the making of these picture frames. 

It is highly important to choose one that goes along with your interior decorations, making sure that it does not clash with any of them. Instead, it makes the interior design look like a cohesive work of art. 

  • What Difference Does Using a Mounting Make?

Another aspect to consider is being able to mount your favourite jersey onto a backing. Doing so helps the jersey material to stay intact and not come into contact with any pins, staples or adhesives in order to keep it secure. 

Using a foam core, and fitting the jersey around this core, will help retain the shape of the jersey, just as on a human. This gives the jersey display case a distinguished appeal, unlike the ones without an option to mount. 

Get in touch with a specialized and experienced vendor of shadow box bespoke picture frames, and find the best solution for your specific mounting needs. 

  • Should You Opt For DIY Jersey Frames?

For those wondering if it’s possible to DIY Jersey Frames, a simple YES should suffice. However, it’s not as simple as you’d assume. Those looking to DIY their collectable jerseys that are either game-used or autographed by a sports person, this comparatively less expensive option is available. 

You can DIY your own DIY Jersey Frames by picking out the right frame, selecting the appropriate backing, and ordering the rest of the supplies required to mount the sports jersey frames securely. However, it is advised that getting professionals to assemble the perfect farming for your memorabilia is highly recommended. 

  • How can you DIY Jersey Frames?

  1. Firstly measure your favourite jersey to pick the right sized frame. Most of these jerseys will usually fit into a frame that measures 30″ x 36″ or 32″ x 40″. 
  2. Then, lay the jersey out into the position you prefer to display it. Lay the jersey on a backing board. 
  3. Choose whether you want to use a foam board or shadow box frame. 
  4. After this, iron out the kinks in the fabric for a crispy display. Make sure to take enough time to get it all right, especially the sleeves and the number patches. 
  5. Stitch the jersey onto the backing board using a good quality needle and thread. 
  6. Tape down the ends of the stitched thread on the back of the board for maximum security. 
  7. Then, remove the protective film from the outer side of the plexiglass and lay it down. 
  8. Now close down the frame, and attach the sides of the frames securely. 
  9. Use the mounting brackets to clip down the frame well.
  • How much does it cost to frame a sports jersey?

By far, one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to getting a jersey framed is, how much does it cost to get one framed? 

  • Here’s the ground reality: 

  1. The prices are extremely competitive in comparison to others in the field. 
  2. We also charge based on our impeccable customer service provided to keep customers happy and satisfied. 
  3. Of course, do take into account the fact that we deliver the best quality framed jerseys. 

Follow these steps, and you will be able to build or buy a beautiful yet classy looking sports jersey frame memorabilia to decorate your homes. 



How To Frame A Memorable Jersey