How to reflect your tastes with a specialty mirror


Every house has a mirror of some size or shape. Most of the time, though, these are just standard mirrors that say nothing about a person’s tastes or personality. If you are looking to make a statement and liven up your home, you should be sure to invest in a specialty mirror that has a beautiful bespoke frame.

Here’s a closer look at why mirrors are important and how to choose the perfect bespoke frame for a mirror.


Why Mirrors Are Important

There are a few reasons why you will want to think carefully about the type of mirror that you get.



Mirrors are a great way to maximise the light that is available in your home. By reflecting light around a room, they can go a long way to helping your home feel brighter and fresher. The amount of light reflected by the mirror will depend on its surface area, which is why larger mirrors are sometimes more popular.



Mirrors can also make a room look much larger, creating the illusion of additional space. If you find a natural focal point in your room and point the mirror towards it, you will find that you can create the illusion of depth.



Psychological research shows that mirrors can play a role in helping to reduce social anxiety while also helping us to develop a sense of self. It is important to take a look in the mirror occasionally because it can also help to ground us in our bodies.



Choosing the right bespoke frame for a mirror can help you to express yourself and your tastes. If you choose an ornate frame, for example, it shows a sense of refinement and appreciation for the arts. On the other hand a simple, thin frame can help to tie a modern room together.



Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. This means that it’s easy to use a mirror to cover up any imperfections in your home. This helps you to unlock all of the benefits above while also hiding any imperfections from sight.


How to Choose a Quality Mirror

Ready to purchase a quality mirror? Here are the key features that you want to look out for.


Quality glass

Firstly, you will want to buy quality glass. This step is so important because it makes sure you get a quality, functional mirror that will stand the test of time. You should look out for the thickness of the mirror, the general quality of the glass and the silvering that is used on the mirror.

High-quality glass will not distort your reflection. The best mirrors have a thick coating of silvering too, while the thickness of at least ¼” will never warp.


The right type

This is the exciting part – choosing the type of mirror you want! There are a few key options available to you here.

Floor mirrors are a slick option that are often propped against a wall to create a dramatic effect. Dressing table mirrors are small and adjustable, helping you to get a good angle on your face. Wall mirrors come in a variety of shapes and they are often hung as focal points within a room.


An appropriate shape

The shape of your mirror is very important. It will depend mostly on what you want to use it for; if you want a mirror to check your outfits, a narrow rectangular mirror will often make the most sense, for example.

You can experiment with a variety of unique shapes to fit the contours of your home and express your personality in an interesting way. Don’t be afraid to set yourself apart from the crowd!


A cohesive appearance

You should make sure that your frame makes sense within the room it’s going to appear in. This means thinking about the colour, style and shape specifically. This can help you to support the look that you’re going for – or even go against it to create an intriguing look.


A beautiful frame

It’s important to choose a great frame for your mirror. This frame can tie together your space, augmenting and reflecting the aesthetic that you worked so hard to create. There are lots of options out there and if you can find a quality bespoke framing company, the only limit is your imagination!


Bespoke Mirror Frame Examples

Looking for some bespoke mirror frame inspiration? Here’s a peek through the looking glass at some of the most breathtaking examples to inspire you.


A unique organic shape

This imaginative option shows that conventions really are there to be broken. This floor mirror does not have a top or bottom frame, helping the mirror to blend into its surroundings effortlessly. The organic curves help to further strengthen this impression of fluidity.


A functional design

Working with limited space? This intelligent mirror frame demonstrates how you can blend together form and function to create a striking look wherever your frame is hung.


Going large

This huge mirror is strategically placed to redistribute the large amounts of natural light coming through the windows. Positioned in the centre of the carpet, it also helps to bring the entire room together while creating a sense of space.


Expressing tastes

This homemade mirror frame makes a real statement. The colour itself is beautiful and fits with the wider environment, while the small circular mirror is the focal point of the piece. This example demonstrates how well surroundings are able to contextualise and house a mirror frame.


Playing with form

This mirror is an interesting example of fitting a mirror to a frame, rather than the other way around. This helps to create a really stunning look and while it may not be the most practical, it helps the owner to share their tastes and personality. This mirror is totally unique.


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