How to Use Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year on Your Bespoke Frame

Bespoke frames are wonderful objects to have in your home. These lovely items can add a sense of personality to your living space and really brighten up your life.

They’re such a great decoration option, too, because they’re so easy to adjust. You can easily switch out your subject or even change the mount board to get a completely new look. This can help you to keep pace with the latest trends and bring your home to life.

Lots of people make the most of their bespoke frames and use them to bring new colours into their life.

The Pantone colour of the year is always interesting and it often defines new trends. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Pantone colour of the year for 2020 and how you can use bespoke frames to bring this colour into your home.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Pantone believes that 2020 is the start of a new era that’s going to bring about new changes. That’s why the Pantone Colour Institute announced that its colour of the year is Classic Blue.

This is a deep shade that’s both comforting and relatable for many people around the world. The colour has a slight indigo hue, too, which invokes images of serene waters and the sky at dusk.

It’s a healthy colour that will look really great within many homes. If you want to celebrate the start of a new decade with style and confidence, this colour can help you to create a feeling of optimism in your home.

How to Incorporate This Colour Into Your Bespoke Frames

Wondering how to incorporate this colour into your bespoke frames? Here’s a closer look at three techniques that you can use to bring your frames to life with the colour that’s going to define 2020 – and the decade ahead.

Paint your frame

A fast and obvious way to incorporate Classic Blue into your home is to commission a bespoke picture frame or paint an existing one.

If you decide to go this route, it’s important that you’re very careful to protect your frame. You should be sure to work with trained professionals who can source the right paint and take the appropriate steps to protect the integrity of your bespoke frame.

A frame in this colour would look great on a wall of any shade, really, and you could experiment by placing your bespoke frame on different backgrounds.

Choose interesting subjects to frame

If you already have a bespoke frame and you’re happy with its colour, you might want to think about engaging with the subject instead.

You could switch out the subject, for instance, and choose something that reflects the colour of the year. There are lots of interesting options out there, of course, and you should think about a suitable image that invokes Classic Blue.

In this TIME piece about the new colour, the author has included some interesting images that you could compile onto a moodboard and use for inspiration.

You could draw inspiration from the night sky or serene waters, for instance, and find an appropriate painting or photo.

Adjust your mount board

The classic blue colour is really deep and calming. This makes it a great colour for your mount board – it can create a true sense of depth and help your subject to leap out from the frame.

If you decide to go this route, you should work with a trusted bespoke frame provider. They will be able to source and adjust a mount board in the appropriate colour for you, and they’ll also be able to help you install it.

If you play with the mount board and adjust the subject accordingly, you might be able to create some really exciting looks while incorporating the colour of the year into your home.

Think about the immediate environment

However you decide to incorporate Classic Blue into your bespoke frame, you should be sure to think about its immediate environment. Think about the way that the surrounding colours and textures will play off this new colour to create an overall feel.

Lots of bespoke frame owners manage to create some truly impressive by thinking about how their bespoke frame can interact with the items around it. A well-placed plant pot or lamp can create a cohesive feeling that adds a touch of class to your home.

Getting Started with Bespoke Framing

If you’re ready to get started with bespoke framing and incorporate Classic Blue into your home, here are some resources that you can use:

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