Creating Beautiful Custom Frames for Large Works of Art

Paintings, photographs, and other relatively flat objets d’arts come in many, many sizes. From tiny little cameos and Persian miniatures, to medium-sized paintings like the Mona Lisa, to massive, nearly wall-sized paintings like Dali’s four “masterworks” or Picasso’s Guernica, there’s a lot of variation, and paintings on canvas can be absolutely enormous.

Framing very large pieces of art brings some unique considerations that don’t necessarily apply to smaller, more compact pieces. For that reason, as professional framers, we take a slightly different approach for oversize paintings and prints than for more modestly sized artworks.


Options for Framing Large Art Pieces

When we’re creating a custom frame for very large art pieces, we’ll generally recommend a wider frame profile than we might use for something smaller. This is primarily to maintain a sense of visual balance — aesthetically, the frame should visibly complement the piece, without being too overwhelmed by it, and also without distracting from the painting itself.

For example, if you’re framing a piece with dimensions along the lines of 30” by 40”, the frame profile we recommend would be at least 1.25”-1.5” wide. There isn’t really a limit, per se, to how large a picture we could frame. Professional framers have worked with paintings as massive as forty or even sixty feet across!

We generally work with clients to select mouldings that are relatively robust, complementing the artwork itself as well as the room in which the piece is displayed.

The mounting of the piece is also a factor. While smaller paintings are often enhanced by a relatively wide mount around them, this doesn’t work as well visually with very large pieces. We generally go with either a very, very thin mat, or no mat at all. This tends to look more sophisticated when a piece is considerably large.

The glass or clear acrylic over the painting also needs to be thick enough — yet non-reflective and transparent — to accommodate the weight of such a large piece. Many massive paintings are on large, thick canvases, and can be surprisingly heavy overall. Glass too thin, or framing too light and flimsy, can be at risk of breaking. While this may not apply to prints, it’s a major concern with original pieces.

This is part of why even though amateurs can often DIY a nice frame for a modestly sized picture, it’s best to have oversize pieces framed professionally instead.


Need a Very Large Art Piece Framed? Contact Us Today

At Frame Set & Match, we work with even the most intimidatingly sized art pieces. Even a massive 35” canvas can accommodate a beautiful, custom frame. We take great care to design frames with the weight and strength to hold unusually large pieces, as well as taking aesthetics into consideration to complement each unique piece of art without distracting or detracting from the art itself.

Contact us any time to find out more about our large picture framing services, or to get a quote for a custom frame for your favorite large piece.