Making the Cut: How to Choose Which Photographs to Frame


Picture frames are an important feature in every home. They offer beautiful decoration and give you the chance to showcase the things that matter to you. This is why many people choose to frame particular artistic photographs that they admire, photographs of loved ones and many other subjects.

Choosing the right photograph can be tough, though. If you place a photograph within a frame, it’s important that you make the right decision. To help you figure out which photograph to put in your beautiful bespoke frame, here’s a closer look at the qualities of frame-worth photography.


Qualities of a frame-worthy photograph

The best photographs share a range of common traits. Here’s a closer look at those to help you make the right decision for your bespoke frame.


1. Emotional Value

First and foremost, it’s essential that your photograph has emotional value for you. Whether it’s a photograph of a loved one or a particular piece of art that you admire, it should stir a feeling within you when you look at it.

Studies show that exposure to pleasant and inspiring imagery can really benefit your mental health, too. If you consciously or unconsciously see a photo that brings you joy, it will boost your spirits and help you to live a life focused on the things that you love.


2. Compelling Composition

If you are going to frame a particular photograph, it’s important that it draws the eye of the viewer and captures their attention. There are a range of factors that dictate how eye-catching a photograph is but perhaps the most prevalent is the composition of a given piece.

You should look for a photograph that deftly balances the subjects within it to create a pleasing and natural composition. Look for leading lines and straightened horizons to create particularly pleasing and compelling pieces.

If you are investing in a bespoke picture frame, you should also think about how the photograph itself is going to play with the frame. To really get the best results, think about where your photograph is going to be hung and how the environment will affect the piece.


3. A Story

If you give a photograph the honour of being hung upon your wall, it’s important that the photograph tells a story and means something. This is tied to the emotional weight of the piece – you might want to frame a beautiful photograph from a wedding or vacation, for example.

In order to tell a story, the subjects and elements within the photograph should be carefully and deliberately related to one another. This helps the viewer to pay additional attention to the picture and get lost within its detail.


4. Provocative

If you are going to the effort of framing and hanging a photograph, it’s important that it makes a statement and attracts the attention that you want to give it. To make sure that this is the case, you should try to make the photograph provocative so that it leaps from its frame.

This doesn’t mean that your photograph should be challenging, but that it should have a unique quality that provokes the attention of the viewer. This could be a dazzling colour scheme, an interesting subject or any other combination of factors.

If your photograph captures the attention of viewers, it will help you to bring joy and intrigue to your home. Again, you should think about how a bespoke picture frame could lend additional weight and meaning to the piece.


5. A Unique Moment

If you want a photograph to carry emotional weight, it’s important that it celebrates a unique moment. This is a great way to build intrigue and create an emotional impact. If it’s a photo of your loved one(s), for example, you could think about framing a photograph from a significant event.

If you are choosing a photograph from a favourite photographer of yours, try to select a piece that really jumps out. Many people love to hang street photography images given that they can often have a sense of intrigue and mystery that means they never grow old.


6. Stunning Lighting and Colour

You should aim to choose a photograph that can build intrigue with its lighting and colour. Think about the way that the image will interact with the environment around it and whether the colours can blend or contrast with the immediate environment.

Of course, you can choose a wonderful black and white photograph that makes a dramatic statement. Whatever the colours in your photo, it’s important that you choose a bespoke picture frame that makes sense.


7. Something Timeless

If you are making the decision to hang a photograph, it’s important that you are able to look at it each and every day without growing bored. This is a difficult task and when you find the right image, it will really jump out at you!

To get a timeless option, your chosen photograph should make an impact on you regardless of when and where you see it. The best and most timeless images are those that inspire a rising of emotion within the viewer.

If you are concerned that you may grow tired of your chosen photograph, maybe find some ways to increase your exposure to it before purchasing a frame. You could, for example, decide to use the photograph as your desktop or phone wallpaper and see how you feel about it before purchasing the frame.


Work with the Best in the Business

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