Mirrors & Glass

We want your room to look sharp, without having to deal with the sharp edges of mirror and glass yourself. With an astonishing range of materials at our disposal, we have a glazing for every kind of job, and a mirror to give your unique style that polished finish
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Safety-Backed Mirrors

With Frame Set and Match, you can have your mirrors safety-backed, which holds the mirror in place if broken. For a vintage or antique setting you can order antique mirrored glass.

Our Glass Range

Not all glass is created equal. We can provide a range of materials, from standard budget glass all the way up to 99% UV protection! A non-reflective option is also great to ensure you see your art rather than yourself (that’s what our mirrors are for!)


If your frame needs to be shipped, hung over a bed or your family enjoys indoor sports, you may want to think about an alternative to glass. We offer acrylic, a light and shatterproof alternative to glass. This can be useful in preventing unwanted accidents!



Our Approach

Frame Set Match also offer custom mirror frames. Custom mirror frames, as well as the glass itself, can enlarge a room and make any space feel more polished. Whether for your home or a business space, we can provide the perfect custom mirror frame for you. We want your room to look sharp.



Why Trust Us

With a wide range of materials at our disposal, we have the perfect glazing for every job, and a mirror that offers a polished and unique finish to any room.

How to order

If you want a custom mirror that will astonish and look great on any wall, you need an original from Frame Set and Match. By simply calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website, you can get easily get started on placing an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless frame!