Perspex Frames to Decorate Walls

We want your room to look sharp, without having to deal with the sharp edges of mirror and glass yourself. With an astonishing range of materials at our disposal, we have a glazing for every kind of job, and a mirror to give your unique style that polished finish.
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Perspex Framing - To Pump Up The Pleasantness Of Your Home

Do you dream of making your room glaze like a mirror? We present you with the phenomenal perspex picture frames to turn your dreams into reality. Perspex or acrylic frames are alternative to glass that is preferred for their weightlessness. You can cherry-pick such a frame to embellish your artwork or photos with a touch of sheen. But we don’t stop there; we also create wall mirrors to make your living space look blazing and bright. Our years of experience and passion to make the world beautiful with art makes us the best frame shop in London

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Woo Everyone With Decorative Wall Mirrors

‘Mirror-mirror on the wall! Does my house look the prettiest of them all’? If you wish to decorate your home with an essence of glow and radiance, we are there at your service. Our specialised decorative wall mirrors not only fulfill the essential need but also make your living space look out of this world. We believe in the art of hanging wall mirrors, and thus offers the top-notch service to fulfill your wish.

You will be glad to know that we pride ourselves on the finest quality materials. Our skillful team of artisans uses the specialised technique to create the modern wall mirrors up to the highest standard. Amazingly, the option of safety-backed allows you to hold the mirror safely in case it is broken. What’s more, is the glazing polish to make it look elegant for the long term. Our large framed mirrors will woo everyone who visits your home.

Please Your Heart With Perspex Picture Frames

If you are looking for the best perspex frames in the UK, you are in the right place. We deal in the high-quality perspex framing to let you frame your artwork or photos gorgeously. Our team of artisans passionately work to present you with the best results when you pick us for bespoke framing.

Perspex or acrylic are already taking the market by storm because of their fantastic benefits. The fact that these are light-weight in comparison to other glass allows you to display it anywhere. Moreover, our superior perspex sheet for picture frames enhances the elegance of your home. Choose us to satisfy your needs for creativity and quality, all under one roof.

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Specialty Mirrors

Mirror comes in a variety of guises. It can be safety-backed, which holds it in place if broken, antiqued to fit in with a vintage setting, and beveled for that classy flourish.

Conservation Glass

Not all glass is created equal. We can provide a range of materials, from standard budget glass all the way up to 99% UV protection! A non-reflective option is also great to ensure you see your art rather than yourself (that’s what our mirrors are for!)


If your frame needs to be shipped, hang over the bed, or your family just likes indoor sports you may want to think of an alternative to glass. Light and shatter proof, acrylic has all the benefits of glass and more.

Frame Selections

Choose from a vast range of high quality frames in different colours, sizes and styles, from the antique to the modern.

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