Object Framing

The signed football from your winning team. The vinyl album that rocks your soul. The shoes your baby took their first steps in. We know how important these things are to you, and want them to look their best for you
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Speciality Box Frames

We offer custom, speciality box frames! A box frame, also known as a shadow box, is used to store and display your 3D items.

Acrylic Cases

We also offers acrylic cases which allow you to see an object at every angle, custom made for each item no matter its shape.

Sports Displays

We also offer sports displays. Whether you’re looking to preserve and show-off the championship shirt of your favorite player, or show your sports award, our lasting sports displays are the way to go.



Our Approach

Frame Set Match also offers speciality box framing. For those special keepsakes we can customize a quality box frame that will ensure your items are preserved and ready to be showcased! The Frame Set Match experts take the time and care needed to create a perfect box frame that suits your needs.



Why Trust Us

We’ve had the privilege of preserving items for many different museums and large organizations. We care about keeping your items safe, preserved and there for you for years to come!

How to order

Frame Set Match’s process of framing your bigger objects is quite simple. You can get started in framing your beloved certificates and documents, today! By simply calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website, you can get easily get started on placing an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless frame!