Picture Frames

At Frame Set & Match, we create beautiful bespoke frames for art pieces, photographs, and other objets d’arts. From bright paint colors, to dark wood varnishes, we use a wide range of materials to create custom picture frames to fit any style of decor.
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Custom Picture Frames

Using only the finest materials, our expert team can create a custom frame you’ll be proud to show off in your home or office. We can provide you with a frame that fits your style preferences, while preserving your cherished photos, and showing them off.


We promise to take the best care of your prized possessions, while ensuring that they are well preserved, and beautiful by completion. Each Frame Set Match expert uses the greatest care and touch, when handling your photos, to ensure no damage is done in the process.

Frame Your Keepsakes

Our frames will be sure to compliment your keepsake, bringing old and new photos back to life. Rest assured, with our quality, care and unparalleled dedication to the craft, we know you will be proud to hang up your newly framed photo in your home or office.



Our Approach

At Frame Set Match, we take pride in framing keepsakes, big and small. While we frame artwork, documents and certificates and bigger items, we also frame pictures. We understand that no one has something framed unless it is important to them. Pictures are an invaluable thing — they allow us to go back in time to relive the moments that are most precious to us — so it is important to be able to look back and perfectly preserved, beautifully set photos. We offer custom, beautiful picture frames that you will love showing off in your home or office.



Why Trust Us

Whether it’s your children’s school photo or an old family photo, we know the importance that preserving and showcasing your photos mean. We take the time and care to perfectly preserve your photos. We can provide you with the perfect quality, custom picture frames.

How to order

Ordering with Bespoke is as easy as 1-2-3! By simply calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website, you can get easily get started on placing an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless frame! Get yours, today!