After years of competition and after watching sports legends come and go it the words of renowned basketball coach John Wooden do ring true, “Sports don’t build character; they reveal it.” People enjoy watching sports because it is a joy to watch talented people compete and make history. We know people are sports freak and most of the legend sports persons have come out with unimaginable performances during their lifetime. Collecting sports memorabilia and sports memorabilia framing is becoming more popular because it allows fans to be a part of history, to own a piece of history. It symbolizes the history, pride, and value of a sport and its players.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular pieces of sports memorabilia from around the world:


1. Mohammad Ali Gloves:

glovesThe legendary fight between Ali and Frazier, which took place in Madison square garden is referred to as the fight of the century. The two legends were both undefeated before the match but Frazier eventually won but only because of a point decision. The fight was so famous that Mohammad Ali’s glove which he wore during the match was auctioned in 2016 and sold for more than $600,000.


2. The original FA Cup:

original FA CupFor many football fans in the United Kingdom the FA cup is the all-important trophy and the dream cup. As the oldest football competition in England, the FA cup draws millions of viewers and supporters from all over the world. The original design of the FA cup was unchanged from 1896 until 1910. After the cup was redesigned, the original cup was sold at auction for an impressive $750,000. Some fans may boast about fancy football jersey frames, but there is someone who can boast about the fact that they have the original cup from football’s oldest tournament.


3. Babe Ruth’s Jersey:

babe ruth jerseyWhen you think of the best player in the history of baseball, Babe Ruth is easily one of the top people on that list. Over the years there have been entire generations of fans who have searched for sports equipment and sports memorabilia framing that is connected to the legendary Babe Ruth. By far, the most iconic piece of memorabilia associated with Ruth is his iconic 1933 jersey. It gained a lot of attention because Ruth scored 34 home runs that season, a record-breaking achievement.


4. Pele Signed Number 10 Brazil Football Jersey:

The birth of Pele began a new era in world football. Nobody could have predicted that this young boy from a small Brazilian town would have such a phenomenal impact on the beautiful game. Ever since Pelete stepped on to the football pitch, it was absolutely certain that football would never be quite the same again. The football legend played 92 times for Brazil and won three World Cups. With more than a thousand career goals, it was clear that nobody could come close to eclipsing him. If you are a true Pele fan, you can search online for football jersey frames to show your appreciation for one of the greatest players of all time.


5. Bill Tilden’s 1920 Wimbledon Trophy:

Bill Tilden’s 1920 Wimbledon Trophy
Tennis is not onlyone of the most popular sports among people today, but it is also one of the richest. If you don’t believe it then just have a look at the history of tennis memorabilia. For example, Bill Tilden’s trophy from the 1920 Wimbledon tournament is one of the most expensive sports memorabilia in the world. At the time, he was the first American ever to will a Wimbledon final. His famous Wimbledon Trophy was first sold at auction for $71,500.


6. Francesco Totti Signed Shirt:

Francesco Totti Signed Shirt
Supremely talented, charismatic and colorful, Francisco Totti embodied everything great about Italian football. A FIFA World Cup winner in 2006, the Roma legend will be forever adored by football fans around the world. His unique talent and his stylish performances for Italy made him one of the most recognizable athletes and popular footballers in the world. Ardent Totti fans who manage to get their hands on signed jersey will spend a lot on sports memorabilia framing to make sure that prized possession stays safe.


Popular Pieces of Sports Memorabilia from Around the World