Pure Inspiration: Some of the Best Framing Posts from Reddit


The wonderful world of framing is packed with creativity. If you are looking for inspiration, it’s easy to find. All around the world, talented people use their frames to help tell a story while presenting and preserving their treasured possessions.

Lots of this inspiration is collected and displayed over on Reddit. It’s one of the world’s largest websites and niche communities thrive in their respective “subreddits”. Framing is the same. Here’s a closer look at the best framing inspiration from Reddit.


Custom Framing Inspiration from Reddit

Reddit is renowned for fostering organic conversation and helping niche communities to thrive. The framing community is small but active and if you have any questions, you should feel free to go by there!

Of course, you can always speak with one of our team members too. It would be our pleasure to help you explore your ideas and find the perfect frame.

Let’s dive in!


An imaginative homage to a favourite band

This stunning example really shows how the frame itself can become a part of the art. The subject of the frame is a simple poster, and the mat board has been styled to extend it. We can imagine that this poster is a constant source of pride and inspiration for its owner.


A tribute to a special animal

A local police department commissioned this special shadow box frame to celebrate the life and work of a canine police officer. The beautiful frame offers a very touching tribute to the brave dog, collecting together a range of its favourite and important items.


A custom shape

Cutting glass can be very difficult, but this frame is a wonderful example. The talented owner cut the frame to fit the shape of their subject, creating a very compelling and unique piece of artwork. The fan itself is beautiful and we’re sure it still impresses to this day!


A repurposed frame

The pastoral scene set in this piece is made all the more striking thanks to the organic frame it is housed within. The user explains that the frame comes from an old barn door, giving the piece a lot of personality and an intimate touch.


A recut frame

The talented person behind this frame created it by cutting down an existing frame – pretty impressive stuff! The frame is highly decorative, creating a touch of class and playing upon the subject itself – a nice interplay between the two elements.


A dramatic shadow box frame

Three iron-forged hearts are intertwined within this custom frame. The black shadow box frame fits impeccably with the subject it houses, giving the entire peace a real weight. We are sure that this will look amazing hung upon a clean white wall.


A vibrant frame with character

This user created a vibrant and multicoloured frame to house a concert print they bought at a show. The colours complement the poster perfectly and while the execution isn’t perfect, it’s a great example of how frames can be used creatively and become a piece of the art.


A minimalist music poster

Music is a deeply personal area that many people love – frames are the perfect way to express that love. This minimalist frame again plays with the colours found in the subject itself, helping the reds to really pop out and leave an impact on the viewer.


How to Get Creative with Framing

Looking at these really amazing pieces of work, it is easy to become intimidated. But these ideas and frames are absolutely within your grasp! If you want some custom frame inspiration, ask yourself these questions to get the creative ideas flowing.


Is there a physical subject you would like to frame?

Shadow box frames are becoming very popular, and with good reason. The beautiful homage to the canine police officer above shows how effective and beautiful those pieces can be. Do you have a physical object you would like to frame?

Let’s imagine that you would like to celebrate your academic achievements and your recent graduation. You could find a shadow box frame that houses your certificate and cap.


How can the frame enhance your subject?

The first question to ask yourself is how your frame can interact with the subject itself. Think about the first example in this post – is there a way that your frame can bring your subject to life and give it a new level of depth or meaning?

Let’s imagine that you are framing a photo from your wedding – is there a way that a memento from the day could somehow be incorporated into the frame itself?


Is there a special place you could hang your frame?

Every frame has to be hung somewhere – can the location help to enhance the meaning or impact of your piece? Think about the pastoral example from above and try to imagine where it might be most effective. Perhaps it could be hung by a window to mirror the view outside.

Is there a special feature that you can take advantage of in your home? Could your frame interact with that space somehow to create a stunning look?


Can you use a special material for your frame?

We love how the user above made great use of the material from their barn door to create a frame. Is there a similar method that you could use to give your frame an extra piece of character?

Imagine you are framing a photo of an old family home – could you use a piece of the home somehow to create an organic testament to those memories?


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