Art Restoration and Picture Frames in London

What if something you had framed way-back- when is damaged or looking worse for wear? Bring it in and we’ll take a look and advise on the best steps to get it back looking its best.
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If you reside in and around London and are looking for frame repairs in London or art restoration in London, then this page will come in extremely handy for you.


Art & photos are a window into the soul – the soul of history and the soul of people.


Nobody likes to miss out on the windows that lead one down one’s memory lane. However, restoration work requires attention to detail, especially as it entails preserving the integrity of the painting or work of art being restored. The tools used for the process of conservation must be of the finest quality, and the methods of restoration need not remain traditional as long as the integrity is not compromised.


The Process of Art Restoration in London


The process requires being treated carefully and with precision


We fix small faults fast and develop solutions if the problem’s a biggie.


Fix broken glass? Tick. Repair old mounts? Tick. Re-pin broken frames. Tick. We like fixing stuff.

Art Restoration

We are well connected with experts in the industry, and can get your valuable artwork into the right hands for repair and restoration.

Picture Frame Repairs

One of the most seen damages in terms of pictures, portraits and other work of art is damaged picture frames. Whether you are looking to restore your oil paintings’ picture frames or reframing your older works of art, it entails a lot of detail and one to be especially careful not to rip or cause wear and tear to the art itself. Our services entail undertaking tasks such as full-frame repair, restoration of services – including cleaning, replacing missing parts or fixing wear and tear. We also provide services of re-gilding, re-glazing and re-fitting broken parts. 

Glasses Frame Repair

Apart from restoring and replacing damaged frames itself, another major service that we offer is replacing the glass frames on precious pieces of art. Sometimes, over the years, the glass dulls out, becomes dirty or requires a new shine. All of these processes require expertise in seeing that as the glass is separated from the art in order to proceed with the cleaning, shining or replacement process, it doesn’t cause damage to the painting or the photos. No glass shards from a broken glass frame should cut through luxurious artwork or generational photographs. Doing so requires expertise, skill, and precision which can all be accounted for with our services. 

Restoring Delicate Art - Oil Paintings, Photos & Paper

Replacing glass coverings and frame edges are fairly an easier process in comparison to that of restoring art itself. Our restoration services entail cleaning of the art pieces such as oil paintings, repairing the tears transpired through years or accidental ones, and relining the artwork itself. Another kind of delicate artwork that requires restoration over the years is that of deacidifying paper, removing new and old stains, removing mould spots and flattening out the creases built up. 

Frame Selections

Choose from a vast range of high quality frames in different colours, sizes and styles, from the antique to the modern.

How to Order

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