Shadow Box Frames

 With an impressive depth and sense of prominence, a shadow box frame is the perfect way to display three dimensional objects of interest. At Frame Set & Match, we build fully customized shadow box frames to order, using quality materials that can complement any style of design.
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Best Framing Solutions

Regardless of the size needed for your artwork or items, our team of experts can offer you the best framing solutions possible. A shadow box, also known as a shadow frame, is used to store and display your larger items. They are typically wooden with plenty of depth within, to showcase your special items. We offer speciality, quality shadow box frames that will cater to your needs.

Endless Possibilities

Shadow box frames can be used to store memorabilia, display photos, a coin collection, your favorite band’s album and more. The possibilities are endless here. Typically, if an item is a bit larger, custom shadow box frames can be made to fit the shape and size of the item itself.

Your Items Cared For

Along with this, our team will take great care in making sure your item is never damaged or deteriorates. We know you care about your item — and so do we — so we go to all lengths to ensure that your item is framed and returned to you safely.



Our Approach

Aside from regular framing, Frame Set Match also offers speciality shadow box frames. Speciality box frames are perfect for for those special keepsakes or items that are too large for a regular frame, we can customize a quality shadow box frame that will ensure your items are preserved and ready to be showcased! We are here to provide your items with the quality, care and value in a custom frame that suits your personal style.



Why Trust Us

Depending on your specific needs, the experts at Frame Set Match can create a shadow box frame that will wow you, and make you proud to display it. If you’re in the market for a stunning frame, that not only preserves your treasured possession, but also does it with style, you’ve come to the right place.

How to order

Are you ready to get your own shadow box frame? By calling or emailing us, via our contact page on our website or bringing it into one of our bespoke framing stores in West London, you can easily get started with the process today! Place an order for your very own unique, quality and timeless shadow box frame.