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Out of many options, you will probably choose the most elegant way to give a distinctive touch to your room. If that is your goal, perhaps you are looking for some decorative wall mirrors. And if you want to express your decorating skills through any other method, you’re probably going in the wrong direction. The mirror is the most decorative asset in your room. 

Wall mirrors not only reflect physical objects but also your taste in creativity. Available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, styles, designs, etc., mirrors are the new centerpieces of your room. This piece of decor can find a good match easily. 

Choosing a Decorative Mirror

Since wall mirrors can make any congested room more inviting and attractive, your choice of a decorative mirror plays a huge role. If you make the right decision, it can be an ideal focal point for your space. So, let’s take a look at the ways to choose a decorative wall mirror. 

  • The Size

The first consideration is the space that your mirror will take up. It’s not only about the length and height but also the width of the mirror. The size and color of your walls can make your mirror look big or small. If you want to make a bold statement, opt for an extra-large mirror of around 25 into 31 inches. In most cases, people focus on the design rather than the size. The decorative mirror can be inviting if it has an attractive design, even if it’s of standard size. 

  • The Style

Some wall mirrors have perspex picture frames that make them stylish, while some of them might not have anything on their borders. Your choice of style depends on how much decorative punch you want to provide. For example, if you choose a simple wooden frame, your style statement might be sober and straightforward. And, if you want an eye-catching look, then you can go for a mosaic-style frame. The variety depends on the seller. 

  • The Shape

While you might have seen rectangles, squares, and even ovals, you can always depart from the ordinary. Wall mirrors are offered in a variety of shapes. If you opt for traditional styles, you can go for tangled and squares. But if you want a modern-looking mirror, triangles and diamond shapes can give a quirky touch to your room. These shapes can draw attention right away.

  • The Color

Color means the shade of the mirror’s decorative frame. You can go for a matching color or contrast with the rest of the room. The most common colors are wooden tones, white, black, etc. These are all traditional style statements. If you want a modern-looking mirror, you can go for matte gold or silver. These days, contrasting color combinations are also finding a lot of popularity. If you’re finding the color choice difficult, you can just choose the same lighter or darker shade than the color of your walls. 

Wall Mounting a Decorative Mirror

Decorative Wall MirrosOnce you are done choosing the design of your mirror, it’s time to mount it correctly. It’s not just about how it blends in through its color but also about the height and location. After all, the mirror is also used for an essential function, which is reflection. Your homework is not just to go shopping but also to analyze all the parameters for the right location of the mirror. 

You definitely don’t want to reach out to the mirror every time you want to see yourself. Also, you don’t want it to shatter in pieces by mounting it on the busiest wall.



The Art of Hanging Wall Mirrors