The Best Ways to Frame Your Best Friend’s Picture


Everybody has that special friend that means the world to them.

That amazing person is always there through thick and thin, and you know that you can always rely on them no matter what you need. Over the years you will have shared unforgettable memories and grown to respect everything about your best friend.

Of course, you will have gathered quite a collection of amazing photos together too! These photos capture the special moments and help you to reflect on the good times.

If you have that particularly perfect photo, you might want to frame and display it to celebrate your friendship. But can you find a way to frame the photo that is as unique as the bond that you share?

To help you feel inspired, here’s a closer look at the best ways to frame your best friend’s picture.


Framing Your Best Friend’s Photo: Essential Steps

Before we dig into some creative ways to frame your photo, let’s first take a look at some essentials you should remember.

Guarantee UV protection

Firstly, it’s important to note that you should use glass that is UV protective. After all, your friendship is everlasting, and your photo should be too.

A constant barrage of natural light will mean that eventually, your beautiful photo will begin fade. UV glass can help to dramatically slow this process by blocking 97% of the harmful rays. You could also consider investing in glass that is also non-glare, particularly if your photo is going to be placed in a room with lots of light.

Choose quality materials

Your photo is a precious object, so you’ll want to ensure that it is preserved using acid-free materials that will not harm it. Any good framing provider will be able to offer you the guidance that you need to protect the special photo that you have chosen.

Pick a durable frame

If you go to the effort of printing out a high-fidelity photo of you and your friend, you’ll want to ensure that it is protected by a frame that lasts. This is why you should pick a high-quality frame that is built from durable materials.


The Best Ways to Frame Your Best Friend’s Picture

Now that we have a better idea of some key areas you should pay attention to, let’s look at some creative methods you might use to frame the photo of you and your bestie.

Incorporate your personality

Your friendship is an intensely personal relationship, so you should be sure to find a framing method that reflects your personality and the essence of your friendship. There are many ways that you could do this and each will be different!

Here’s a closer look at some options that people use to add some personalised flair to their photo frames.

This option uses a shadowbox to incorporate three-dimensional elements alongside the photos. This is a great way to add some depth to your photo both literally and figuratively. You could incorporate some cute elements as in this example, or even a particular memento that symbolises your friendship.

This is a shadowbox frame that incorporate a quote and a large margin. Depending on the photo that you choose, adding a quote can be an effective way to add some extra depth to the photo and celebrate what makes your friendship truly special.

This mock-up of an ornate frame uses details outside of the frame to add a touch of personality and character. You could use this method to creatively add some new depth to your frame and express your personality. Perhaps you and your friend have a favourite flower that could be incorporated, for example.


Play with surroundings

When it comes to the location where you will hang the frame, is there a theme or particular element that you can work around? Here is some inspiration.

Your friendship is an important part of your life, alongside a range of other relationships and achievements. A careful arrangement of multiple photos and frames helps to demonstrate how these various aspects of your life fit together, and how they are of equal importance. Incorporating the photo of your best friend into an arrangement like this is a powerful statement.

You’ll also want to think carefully about where your frame is going to be hung. If it is put in a prominent position it will help you to demonstrate just how important your friendship is. Perhaps you’ll find that it will work well in your living room in a position that makes it a focal point of the room.

Of course, you are not restricted to a wall! If you have a special object or item that is related to your friendship, why not think of a creative way to incorporate the photo there? This can help you to express yourself in a way that is unique to your friendship.


Express Yourself

We hope that these tips have been helpful for you and helped you to dream of new and interesting ways to frame your photo of your best friend. This photo can be a physical testament to your years of friendship – you should be sure to frame and showcase it in a way that makes you happy and proud!

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