The Top Framing and Decor Trends for 2020


Interior design gives us the power to display our aesthetic tendencies and really make a space our own. Homes look much nicer when their interiors have been deliberately designed, and it can also help to elevate the value of a home.

As with other mediums, though, the trends and tendencies of interior design evolve over time. This has a big impact on framing and other features within a home, so you should try to keep up to make sure that your home looks as beautiful as possible.


Framing and Decor Trends for 2020

Looking to get a headstart on interior design trends? Here’s a closer look at some of the key framing and decor trends for 2020.


Shadow box frames will add depth to more homes

Shadow box frames are a great way to display three dimensional items on your walls. Intimate spaces filled with character are going to be a key interior design trend in 2020, and these frames give you the power to display items that you are passionate about while creating lots of character.

If you would like to learn more about shadow box framing, be sure to read our look at some fun and creative objects to put in your shadow box frame.


Imperfections will be accepted

Modern and minimalist spaces were all the rage for a long time and in some places, their popularity endures. With a shift towards more hospitable and comfortable spaces, though, some homeowners are going to begin accepting the imperfections that make their spaces unique.

Some people are referring to this trend as “maximalism”, where homeowners load their spaces with a choice range of subjects that are packed with character. This focus on imperfection has interesting links to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi – the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

If you choose to go with a bespoke frame that has a human touch, you can celebrate the unique nature of your materials and the workmanship that went into the frame.


High-quality products will be popular

Scandinavian design principles still guide the way for many people, and we will continue to feel their influence throughout 2020. People will continue to place an emphasis on purchasing high-quality products that have a solid base and a focus on functionality.

Those products will often be made from natural materials and – as we will see below – wooden objects are going to be particularly possible. People will also look for items that have a creative and unique style to stamp personality into their home.

Bespoke frames are going to become especially popular, we think, because these items bring together all of the key priorities of style-conscious homeowners – they are a handmade object built from the finest materials and they add character to any home.


Environments will be divided more

Minimalism placed a huge emphasis on large, open spaces. This is a nice idea that helps properties to look larger and more connected, but it does make some sacrifices when it comes to functionality and the intimacy of environments.

Large, open spaces can mean that scents from the kitchen travel throughout a property and that sound travels. This is why we will begin to see a return to more divided environments that offer a more intimate feeling.

Frames are going to play a large part in this transition, and homeowners may begin to use frames to help create a distinction between areas within their homes. A living room may use frames of a particular size and material, for instance, while frames in other parts of the home may be different.


Float frames will flutter into more homes

Float and floater frames are an amazing way to display a range of items within galleries and homes alike. These frames look stunning and they create a strong visual impact because of the way that the subject floats within the frame.

There are pros and cons to this type of frame, of course, but we can expect for them to become more popular than ever before in the coming year. People will use them to house a range of subjects throughout their property.

We regularly write about the latest framing and design trends on the Frame Set and Match blog – be sure to check up often to find the latest insider trends.


Wood and leather will become key materials

Metallic materials have their advantages – they are simple to clean and maintain, and they can create a stunning look within any environment. A transition to more personable and hospitable environments means that homeowners will begin to explore the potential of organic materials more, though.

All signs are pointing towards wood and leather becoming very popular materials in the coming year. There are a range of ways that people are incorporating these materials into their home, and bespoke picture frames are the perfect way to do it.

If you are thinking about investing in a beautiful bespoke frame, be sure to read our piece on which materials are best for your bespoke picture frame.


Capitalise on these 2020 framing and decor trends

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