Many people may like to frame their pictures just for keeping them safe and not get damaged. However, if you are an artist, then framing a picture is an art form in and of itself. And, so people should spend some time picking these frames from any store as there is a wide variety of readymade picture frames available at a picture frame shop. These online stores offer you frames from very cheap to more expensive frames, giving you the freedom to pick up anyone you like. People like readymade frames as they are convenient and fast to get for use to put your picture in it instantly.

However, with so many amazing benefits provided by readymade frames still many of us like to get one specially designed for us, which we very well have known as custom made or Bespoke picture frames. And these frames give you the freedom of creating your unique frame explicitly made for the picture you want to frame. Moreover, these frames will be much higher quality than readymade frames. 

Why Should You opt For Bespoke Framing?

The Bespoke picture frames allow you to select frames which not just will highlight and fit the picture inside it; instead, it will make a statement by suiting the decor of your place and making it picture-perfect for the whole area.

  • The bespoke frames also help you choose the material in which you want your frame to be made. There are various types of materials you can select like wood from oak and Mulberry trees, metals having different shine and finish, metal leafing and many more other options. 
  • You will like to get bespoke frames for special pictures or jerseys, and other sports memorabilia framing as these items don’t get fitted in readymade sized frames as they are large and bulky things that are when you will need to contact picture framing London. Even in other places, you can find frames especially for them and it will not just be of perfect size but will also enhance the beauty of the item. 
  • The custom-made frames are great for special pictures as they come with preservative matting.

Moreover, they also have glass on it that can filter out UV rays and hence protect the picture in it. So, when you place your most valuable pictures and prized possessions in them, they won’t get damaged over time. It makes bespoke frames very useful and greatly used by museums and art galleries to preserve the beautiful magnificent creations.

How Are These Custom Framing Made for Your Artwork?


  • Designed Especially for You

To make these frames, a qualified expert designer will work with you and help you select frame moldings and mount boards which will not just preserve and enhance the picture but also help you match perfectly with the decor of your place.

 The expertise and experience of the professional framers will guide you through all the framing design options of creating the best frame for your valuable and cherished pictures and memorabilia.

  • Sizing Your Bespoke Frames 

The making of frames starts by measuring precisely what frames require it. While sizing, you should not include only the size of the picture or memorabilia, but also the mount board you are using should be taken into consideration. And when the dimensions are taken, then you can easily decide the size of the frame that will perfectly complement your artwork.

  • Think Not Just About the Size 

For the customized frames you can choose between the mounts as well as the molding which look you want to create. There are many types of framing materials available to choose from whether wood or metal with different designs. For protecting the pictures, glass or acrylic covers are put on the frames, save them. Moreover, as there are so many options, the frame will look exactly the way you want them to.

  • Choosing the Accessories 

While you have decided and selected the mount or molds and the frames. Then the next step is to accessorize your bespoke frames. You can choose as standard which includes hanging fixtures and felt bumpers that stop your frames from marking your wall over time, or you can also opt for accessories like:

  • Standing Back

These will help your frames to stand up on a shelf, table or mantelpiece. You have to select the perfect size according to the frame to be supportive enough. 

  • Backing Tape 

These are brown self-adhesive flexible sealing and mounting tapes which are used by many framers on the back of the frames. They are cost-effective and add an attractive finish to the back of the frames.

  • Pricing

The bespoke frames are made with high-quality craftsmanship; thus, you may find it a little expensive. Still, it’s affordable, and however, the product you are getting is worth the money invested.

The companies that make these custom-made frames fix the pricing based on the exact size of your frame rather than the next frame size up. And your bespoke frame is ready to be displayed.

How to Take Care of Your Picture Frames?

As we all know, maintenance is a never-ending process whether outdoor or indoor cleaning, dusting, organizing, replacing etc. It is essential to care for things that you like and just like that taking care of your picture frame is no different.

 Moreover, cleaning your bespoke picture frames are relatively low maintenance and easy to care for. So, here are some tips for the upkeep of these:

  • Cleaning the Cover of Your Picture Frame

Your pictures may get cluttered with dust and dirt on your glass or acrylic display boxThe acrylic has a higher electromagnetic charge which makes it accumulate more dust than glass, but that’s completely fine. You can clean this with a microfiber cloth as it will avoid it from getting any scratches. You should use plastic cleaners for deep cleaning of acrylic picture frames and mild soap for glass frames.

  • Never Soak Them Up

While cleaning frames with soap and water, you should cover the rest of the frame as you won’t want it to get wet and damage your piece of art.

  • Look Out for Bowing or Wrapping

Always keep a close watch on frames to look for any signs of bowing as your frames may react poorly with humidity and heat, so always take precautionary measures to avoid it.

Tip: Use proper hanging hardware to prevent bowing.

All this information will help in the longevity of your bespoke picture frames.


Tips and Tricks of Using Bespoke Frames