Top Tips to Decorate a Picture Frame for Christmas


Christmas is on the horizon and in no time at all, your home will be filled with gifts, loved ones and the that all-so-delicious Christmas food. There are many tiny traditions that make Christmas such a special time of the year, and festive decorations are certainly up there.

It’s great fun to temporarily transform your home and feel it bursting with colour. If you are thinking about decorating the frames in your home, here are some top tips that will take you far beyond mere tinsel!


Tips to Decorate a Picture Frame at Christmas

Let’s dive right into the tips so that you can get your frames looking amazing this Christmas.


Avoid damaging valuable bespoke frames

It’s important to start by saying that bespoke frames are very valuable items that should not be spoiled by any type of destructive decoration. You’ll certainly want to avoid putting any glue, glitter or paint on them, for example.

You should protect your bespoke frames and maybe consider hanging Christmas lights or tinsel from them. This will help you to protect you bespoke frame over the holiday season while making sure that it’s still part of the fun!


Think about the look you’re going for

Christmas decorations are so much fun because it’s possible for you to easily express your personality through those decorations. You don’t have to go for garish tinsel and glitter – there are sleek and modernist options that will fit with your decor.

Here’s a look at just a few of the most common looks out there that you can go for.


A classic red look

You can create a warm atmosphere and make a statement with a classic red look for your Christmas decorations. This is the most festive colour out there and it can transform the look of your home.


All in white

Do you want a cleaner and more elegant theme for your decorations? You could add a touch of class to the holiday season by making all of your decorations white. This captures the spirit of the season and looks great. 


Cool LED

Aiming to put a more modern twist on holiday decorations? Why not go for a blend of LED lights that create interesting colours and patterns? These are easy to adapt and there are some really exciting products on the market. 



Even if you prefer a more minimalist style, you can still get in on the Christmas fun. You could opt for a minimalist Christmas tree, for example, or get a classy wreath that shows your love for minimalism.


Choose the right frame to decorate

Now that we know bespoke frames are off-limits and the type of look that you’re going for, it’s time to identify some frames that we can get more creative with. There are lots of cheap wood/plastic frames that you can buy and decorate to your heart’s content.

You’ll want to try and identify frames that are the right size and the right colour. If you’re going to get creative with these and do some arts and crafts, it’s important that they are within your budget – you don’t want to break the bank on a frame that you’ll damage.


Get creative

Now that you are equipped with your frames, it’s time to think about how you can adjust them to meet the style that you’re going for. There are a few ways that you might want to adjust your frames – here’s a look at some of the fun techniques that you might want to consider.


Paint and glitter

If you buy a frame that you can paint, you might want to pop out the paints and decide to make them a more festive colour. You are free to choose the colours that you like here, and it’s very simple to add glitter and other little touches that make a truly unique frame.


Accessorise with jewellery

Do you have small pieces of jewellery or little ornaments that might look nice attached to the frame? It’s very easy to add those using super glue or wood glue (depending on the materials). These can create some fun looks and if you’re doing some creative arts and crafts with children, they’ll love it.


Experiment with LED lights

Christmas is a fun time that’s all about vibrance and finding light in the darker winter months. Could you consider attaching LED lights to your frame to create some unique looks? There are lots of different LED lights that you could choose to use – some of them are programmable too, creating the light pattern that you’re going for.


Have each family member create their own frame

It’s very fun if each member of your family creates their own frame, too. It can become a nice Christmas tradition and you could even consider adding to the frame each Christmas. This makes those frames a living, breathing work of art that adds a touch of magic to your Christmas.


Play with Christmas items in the frame

Shadowbox frames are great fun and they make it simple for you to celebrate Christmas in a unique way. You could consider placing items within your frame, or even hanging ornaments within an empty frame.

You can get some interesting looks this way to really make your Christmas decorations unique. We think it looks great if you have a nicely painted frame with a traditional bell or piece of mistletoe inside!


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