Uncommon Subjects to Put In Your Beautiful Bespoke Frame


Bespoke frames give you an amazing way to add a touch of class and warmth to your home. They ooze quality and help you to really put your touch on your property. Finding what to frame can be tough, though.

Perhaps you’ve thought about photos but you’re not very excited by them – if so, here’s a closer look at unique objects to put in a bespoke picture frame!


Unique Objects to Put in a Bespoke Frame

Before we dive right in, it’s important to know that there are no limits when it comes to putting an object in a bespoke frame. Let your imagination run wild and think of new ways that you can express your personality and your tastes!


  1. Empty Frames

Some people achieve incredible looks by arranging empty frames in a fun formation. This can create a sense of intrigue and mystery and it invokes a sense of wonder.

You could try mixing and matching different frame sizes and materials to get a really special and unique look that can’t be replicated at all! This particular object works well if you’re going for a minimalist look.


  1. Jewellery

Most people have a favourite piece of jewellery but they rarely actually get to wear it! It’s a mighty shame and it means that your prized possessions are often locked away in some cupboard.

You could consider framing your favourite pieces of jewellery in a frame. This would help you to get the most from your jewellery even when you’re not wearing it! If you play with the placement and jewellery itself, you’ll be sure to find a lot of unique configurations.


  1. Vintage Cameras

Many people frame incredible photographs in their bespoke frame – but how about the objects that make those images possible? You can demonstrate your love for the arts and add a sense of class to your home by framing vintage cameras.

You could find a beautiful shadowbox frame that really brings your cameras to life and stores them safely. This is a much better option than leaving those cameras out in the open where they collect dust!


  1. Tools

Do you have a creative touch when it comes to woodworking? You could consider framing a set of your tools to get a rustic and personalised feel in your home.

You could lay these objects out in a unique way within your shadowbox frame. This helps you to share your passion and really decorate your home!


  1. Coins

If you travel frequently, there’s a great chance that you’re left with some coins from your trip – how about putting them in a bespoke frame to celebrate your travels?

Even if the currency isn’t foreign, you could pay homage to older coins in your collection by using a bespoke frame.


  1. A Collage of Dice

Do you love gaming and anything involved with dice? Why don’t you stack a huge number of them in a bespoke frame?

This can give your house a unique look and you can rest assured that not many people will have the same! It also helps you to share your passion for gaming.


  1. Sports Jerseys

If you have a favourite sports team, you’ll want to pay homage to them in every way you can. You could consider commissioning a beautiful bespoke frame to really put your love for your team front and centre.

If you are really considering this option, be sure to read our piece on how to frame a sports jersey. You’ll find lots of helpful tips to make your framing a success.


  1. Cutlery

Do you have a favourite piece of antique cutlery? Are you obsessed by the culinary arts and you want to pay homage to your passion? You could consider framing a beautiful set of cutlery.

This option is classy and unique. It means that you can add a touch of class and creativity to your kitchen or dining room at a low cost. Again, you’ll want to consider a shadowbox frame for this option.


  1. Flattened Plants

Lots of people decide to press plants and keep them within frames – why don’t you consider doing the same thing? This can add a natural look to your home and help you to pay constant homage to the beauty of nature.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to the options available to you. You could include the root, for example, or even include a bit of soil to create a dramatic effect.


  1. Grass

Lots of people love having different textures within their home. Have you considered placing synthetic grass with a frame to add a natural and organic feel to your property?

This is surprisingly easy to do and if you find the right bespoke picture frame, you’ll be able to create a really beautiful object that adds colour and vitality to your home.


  1. Keys

This might sound like an odd option, but a couple of antique keys can add a sense of intrigue and mystery to your home. These are great objects to frame because they look great and create a real sense of class.

Those keys are easy to find and you could decide to match them with an appropriate bespoke frame. This will help you to get the most from your keys and your frame!


  1. Pins

Do you have lots of pins but you’re not sure where to put them? You could decide to add a tack board to a bespoke frame and create a really unique and colourful centrepiece.

This is highly customisable, too, and you can add all kinds of pins. These could be from your favourite video games, bands, movies or even more!


  1. License Plates

There’s something inherently cool about license plates. Each one hails from a different place and it tells a unique story about the people that owned it and the car it was attached to.

If you enjoy travelling, perhaps you could consider adding a license plate from each place that you have been to. It’s also a fun way to pay homage to your love of driving or racing.


  1. A Clock

There’s something very artistic and beautiful about placing a clock within a frame. It will add a touch of mystery to your home and create a provocative talking point.

If you find the right shadowbox frame for your needs, you’ll be sure to find that there is a world of possibility open to you!


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