Unique and Unusual Bespoke Framing Ideas


Bespoke frames can really liven up your home. They give you the power to protect and present your prized possessions and they’re a valuable item that will last for many years to come.

One of the best things about bespoke frames is the potential for customisation. There are lots of different choices that you can make to create a truly unique bespoke frame that sets your subject apart from anything else in the world.

Looking for some bespoke frame inspiration?


Amazing Bespoke Frame Ideas

Here’s a closer look at some of the most unique and amazing bespoke frame ideas from Pinterest.


Subject interacting with frame

This is a pretty elegant bespoke frame. As you can see, the subject interacts nicely with the frame itself. It looks as though the word in the centre is coming out of the frame – an impressive effect that adds more emotional depth to the piece.

You’ll be sure to attract a lot of attention with this type of interplay between the frame and the subject. It’s a great way to add an extra layer of meaning and intrigue to your home.



Physical plants

This is a very subtle shadowbox frame that provides the depth to put some physical plants into the frame. This creates a beautiful look and it adds a natural look to your home while also decorating your walls.

You can also see that there are some pretty nice shadows behind the flowers themselves. This adds an extra level of depth to your piece and you can adjust the direction and intensity of those shadows by playing with your light source.



Transparent shadowbox frames

If you are going for a minimalist frame that doesn’t obstruct the view of your subject from any angle, this is a pretty cutting-edge technique.

This type of frame looks fantastic in a gallery space. If you have white walls it also helps to maintain the bright and light-filled look of your home. You can experiment with different subjects – you might find that a piece of art works best in this trendy type of frame.



Ornate and exciting

Are you getting tired of minimalism and looking to inject some more character into your home? This shows how you can use the resources around you to create something very special and unique.

This type of frame would look amazing in a property by the coast. It could be created using local shells and materials, too, to give it that extra special unique touch. There are no limits when it comes to this type of bespoke frame – your only limit is your imagination!



Dipped in paint

If you are looking for quite a quirky way to decorate your walls, this could be an excellent option. It looks very intriguing and it gives you the opportunity to get creative – pick your favourite prints and colours and it’s easy to do!

For the best results, try to think about the different relationships between the colours that you choose. You’ll find that some of them go together naturally and you could even pair the frames with objects that are close to them.



Incorporate lighting

There are lots of ways you can incorporate lighting into your bespoke frame. Lots of people like to have dramatic lighting coming from a lamp above, for instance, while others might prefer to back the frame with LED lights.

This offers you another unique way to incorporate lights into your frame. You could use fairy lights within a frame to create a sense of wonder and really make your home feel cosier than ever before.



A unique shape

Frames don’t have to be just rectangular or square – when you decide to commission a bespoke frame, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can use your imagination to create any shape that you would like.

In this example, we see how a person decided to create an awesome circular frame that can be adjusted on-the-fly to accommodate for the photos that they would like to add over time.



Unconventional structure

You might also find that you would like to create a frame that has an unconventional structure. There are lots of amazing examples out there and people have created lots of exciting looks for their home.

In this example, we see how a person has worked to create a fun frame that does not have to be put on a wall – it could easily be placed on a fireplace or shelf to create an intriguing look in your home.



A practical frame

Some people decide to create to-do lists, calendars and more that can be incorporated into a frame. This means that the frame acts as a beautiful decoration and serves an important practical purpose at the same time.

This example shows how a person created a frame that helps their children to tick off their chores – it’s a great way for you to incorporate something fun into your home that still serves a practical purpose.



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