What Are Some Creative Ways to Use Pictures as Wall Art?


Thanks to smartphones, it has never been easier to capture special moments. In 2017 alone, there were apparently 1.2 trillion photos taken around the world!

This also means, though, that it can be difficult to choose which pictures to frame. When we choose one from the hundreds that we have, it’s a real statement about just how much that photo means to us.

Printing is cheaper and more accessible than ever before, too, and this means that we can print a lot of pictures. But what’s the best way to organise them?

Here’s a closer look at some creative ways to use pictures as wall art.


Creating Wall Art with Pictures: The Inspiration

Here are just some of the stunning ways that you can arrange your pictures. These are often cheap options and the only limit is the imagination!



This option is a great way to represent the passage of time and pay homage to a special person in your life like a child or a partner. The geometric lines are attractive and the shadows that they cast can be an enchanting way to add depth.

The photos can also be arranged according to the passage of time, tracking how a child has grown and developed or a relationship has been nourished. The use of bulldog clips means that it’s very simple to add and remove photos.

In terms of the arrangement of lines, you can also create your own design and do what feels natural according to your needs. In fact, this is very flexible and you could even cater the lines to an immediate environment to create interesting shapes.



If you are in the mood for some serious arts and crafts, this is a great way to get the most from your snaps from a special event or occasion. The setup is simple using just a few basic materials, and you can create a great effect that fits with your home and tastes.

You could replace the tiles with any kind of alternative material or shape, giving you a lot of flexibility and the opportunity to express yourself.



This option is a bit more rough and ready. Just a few materials are needed to put together this display that is packed with personality. The use of bulldog clips means that it is simple to switch photos in and out at your will, meaning you can update the display throughout the year.

As you can see in this example, the photos are united around a common theme and colour palette to create a great look. Of course, you could also paint the planks differently too according to the immediate environment.



If you are a nature lover, you could consider using a beautiful piece of wood to create a quirky display. This piece requires just a few basic materials but gets a really trendy look. As you can see, some simple string or fishing wire is used to hang the tree itself, while string is used to hang the series of awesome photos.



If you have a huge volume of photos and you’re always creating new memories, you’ll want to be able to switch them out whenever you like. This option is a clever little DIY project that gives you an ideal surface to display your photos.

You have a lot of flexibility in terms of placement, so you can really express yourself and change the order on the fly. Without serious restrictions in terms of space, it’s great to be able to add a new picture right away.



This option uses a traditional frame in a unique way: rather than using the frame for just a single photo, you can easily run some string from one side to the other and display a lot of the precious pictures that mean so much to you.

This is a cool and striking way to present your beloved pictures and celebrate unforgettable memories.


Consult with Experts

We hope that you have enjoyed these creative ways to use pictures as wall art. There are lots of options out there and we’re sure that you’ll get some amazing results!

If you have that picture that’s especially perfect, you might want to consider a robust and beautiful frame. If that’s the case, be sure to check out our post on how to frame your best friend’s picture!