What It Takes to Be a Bespoke Framing Specialist

Here at Frame Set and Match, we often find that people are very interested in the world of bespoke framing. They’re keen to learn more about the practice in general and the skills that bespoke framing specialists need to use each day.

We’re always happy to share our insights and expertise, so we’re going to offer you a closer look at exactly what it takes to be a bespoke framing specialist – we hope that you find it interesting!

What it takes to be a bespoke framing specialist

Here’s a look at the key skills that bespoke framing specialists need to exhibit to get the best results possible for their customers:

1. Creativity

Bespoke framing is a very creative pursuit and as such, the best bespoke framers are able to harness their creativity and give it form. Bespoke framing specialists around the world work each day to interpret the needs of their customers and then make the right creative suggestions.

Here are some of the areas where bespoke framing providers will need to apply their creativity:

  • Colours

Customers will often have specific requirements when it comes to the colour that they would like for their frame. It’s up to talented bespoke frame providers to ater to those needs and provide the right colour frame.

  • Materials

There are lots of potential materials that you could use to build a bespoke frame. Providers of bespoke framing need to blend together practical and creative knowledge to choose the right materials for each project.

  • Construction methods

Bespoke framing also involves lots of engineering and woodworking knowledge. The best providers must be able to interpret the needs and preferences of the customer and then use the right construction methods.

2. An eye for detail

Stunning bespoke frames look so special because bespoke framing providers put lots of time into getting the details just right. For dedicated bespoke framing specialists, there’s nothing quite as pleasurable as taking care of the details to create something that’s really special.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, such as:

  • Finding the right blend of materials
  • Working carefully and considerately
  • Aligning materials
  • Sourcing the best raw materials

By paying such close attention to those various factors, bespoke framing providers are able to deliver truly amazing frames each and every time.

3. Woodworking abilities

Bespoke framing is a complex science and at its core, it’s all about woodworking and engineering fundamentals. Bespoke framing providers must be able to work flawlessly to create frames that are attractive on the one hand but perfectly robust and durable on the other.

It can take many years for bespoke framers to hone their skills and arrive at a point where they can execute on any creative brief. Once they are experts, they’ll be able to shape any type of material according to their will and get impeccable results each time.

4. A love for quality

The best bespoke frames ooze quality and they’re beautiful objects that can really command a room. This isn’t an accident: bespoke framers take care of every single detail because they love quality.

The world’s finest bespoke frame providers will stop at nothing to make sure that their project is perfect. This love for quality and detail is a great asset for bespoke framers – if you want to commission your own bespoke frame, you should be sure to look for this quality.

5. Great communication skills

Bespoke framing professionals must be able to communicate with people to understand their needs and get to the core of the details. This is why bespoke framing professionals should be able to ask the right questions at the right time to build a clearer picture of what they need to build.

The best bespoke framing providers are able to communicate across a number of channels. They’re just as comfortable speaking and discussing ideas over the phone as they are working alongside people in person. 

The best providers are also famed for their ability to clearly break apart complex ideas and use non-technical language to communicate with everybody.

6. A desire to please

At the end of the day, bespoke framing is a field that blends together art and practicality. Bespoke frame providers should alway be driven by a desire to please their customers and provide something magical for each project.

A genuine desire to achieve something amazing for the customer can give bespoke framing professionals the focus and motivation that they need to continue working and improving their abilities.

The best bespoke frame providers use this desire to please to get the best results possible on every project. They also relish the opportunity to share their work and see the smiles on the faces of their happy customers.

Choose your bespoke frame provider today

If you have decided to invest in a bespoke frame, you’ll want to find a talented provider who has all of the great characteristics we outlined above.

It’s not always easy to find the best provider for your needs, though, so you’ll need to develop a strategy to find the appropriate bespoke framer. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a little guide on how to choose the best bespoke frame provider.

We hope that this guide is helpful for you!

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