Why Choose Bespoke Framing?

You can buy ready-made picture frames just about anywhere, in a wide range of sizes. From ultra-cheap, to more expensive frames sold at higher-end stores, there’s quite a bit to choose from.

Ready-made frames are fast and convenient. You have a frame instantly, and can move the art into it right away.

So what’s the downside?

There are actually quite a few advantages to opting specifically for bespoke framing. Professional framers create custom picture frames to order, made especially for the art piece or object in question. At the end of the day, both the quality and the customization you’ll get with bespoke frames are far superior to anything you can buy ready-made.

Bespoke Frames Give You Endless Options

A frame should suit not only the artwork itself, but also the environment in which it’s displayed. Ideally, a balance is achieved between the two, emphasising the art while integrating it into the surrounding decor.

With custom framing, the sky’s the limit. You can choose from a wide range of materials, including woods like oak and cherry, metal with different finishes, painted materials, metal leafing, and more. You can make sure the frame is exactly what you wanted, not just “good enough.”

If you have a particular vision in mind, a custom framer can bring it to life for you. Professional framers have access to unusual materials, as well as very high end materials that are difficult to find in stores.

Experience and Expertise

People who create custom frames for a living have unique expertise and experience, and can help you choose and create the perfect frame for any given piece. They understand that different art requires different types of frames. A small, delicate embroidery needs a different display than a sixteen foot Baroque oil painting with dramatic use of chiaroscuro.

They’ll also understand the physical considerations of framing. Some pieces can be quite heavy and robust, and they need a frame that can physically support their weight and bulk.

A professional’s expertise also means they’re equipped to handle custom frames for objects of unusual size or shape. Not all paintings are rectangular or square, and unconventional pieces like antique clothing can also benefit from display in a protective frame. You can’t always find ready-made frames in these contexts, but a professional can easily create one.

Quality Workmanship

For fine art, especially, quality workmanship is essential for proper framing. The materials matter. The glass or acrylic in front of the work can’t just be any old glass or acrylic. It needs to be engineered for UV resistance, as UV can yellow white spaces and fade pigments, irreparably damaging the art. The inside of the frame and glass also needs to be free from excessive moisture, as well as dust and other contaminants.

Bad backing is another element you might not think of, but that can damage delicate artworks. Regular cardboards — as well as the backing in most standard store-bought frames — have a surprisingly low PH. It’s acidity is a problem for art preservation, because it can literally eat away at molecules in the paper or canvas, breaking it apart at a fundamental level.

Bad mounting is another issue with ready-made or amateur DIY frames. It can cause the art to slip down in or out of the frame over time, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Using the wrong adhesives can also be harmful to the painting.

Even the wiring holding the frame to the wall needs to be sturdy and well made, so the frame does not fall to the floor and break or get damaged.

Beautiful Bespoke Frames in London

Every painting deserves a frame that suits it well, and that keeps it safe and protected for years to come. At Frame Set & Match, we have decades of experience creating quality custom frames and displays for paintings, certificates, objects and more.

From basic rectangular frames, to three dimensional shadow boxes, we work with our customers to design and build elegant displays that stand the test of time.

To find out more about our framing services, call us any time.